How to Catch Cheating Girlfriends & Remove the Doubt

Doubt is worse than actually knowing a terrible truth as it implants a lack of trust in your relationship which may not be warranted while also making you anxious and paranoid. If you want to remove this doubt you need to know how to catch cheating girlfriends so you can actually be sure of their guilt or innocence and from there you can actually confront them, dump them or try to mend your relationship depending on your own unique situation.

Signs of Cheating

The first thing to do is to look for signs of cheating, you have already picked some up if you are looking for this information but the more you find the better to discover the truth. Some commons things you need to watch out for include:

  • Changes in schedule – time is needed to conduct an affair so if you find your girlfriend has changed her routine greatly and keeps changing it by working late, being out of contact for much longer than is reasonable and being defensive about this you might have a sign of cheating.
  • Changes in Intimacy – The way your girlfriend interacts with you intimately be it sexually or just being close can change drastically if they are cheating on you. Sometimes they may become much more withdrawn and will not react to your advances anymore and other times they may become uncharacteristically overly intimate with you which may seem good but is it you they are actually thinking of. Women’s hormones make a big difference to this so do not jump to conclusions but if you know her usually moods during the month and this is different it may be a cheating sign.
  • Defensiveness – People who are doing something they know is wrong will often become very defensive if questioned about it, confronting them directly is a bad idea but if you probe a little bit and find them biting your head off for it you might have touched on a sore spot.
  • Phone or internet oddities – If your girlfriend uses her cell phone regularly and the internet and you find them taking phone conversations out of your ear shot and closing programs and browser windows when you get to close they might be trying to hide something.


Once you have found enough signs of cheating to be reasonably sure they may be unfaithful you can stop wondering “is she cheating” and get to finding proof of girlfriend cheating because without proof you will find they can simply deny it and can even find ways to blackmail you for your hastiness. Proof of cheating is essential for you to be able to take any action so do not be too quick to do something out of anger and hurt before you have the proof and you understand what and why they are doing this. A few investigation tips for the modern digital age are as follows:

  • Cell phones – Cell phones can be a gold mine of information with call records and phone numbers along with SMS messages you can look at. Sometimes you can find a smoking gun but often they will be careful about keeping their phone clean but they do often forget to delete their call history …
  • Computers – Computers are an even bigger depository of information with chatting and online activities becoming much more closely linked it can have everything you need from visited sites, chat histories, cached content and email you can find out a lot about their unfaithfulness from a computer. If you find it is overly clean of any information though they may be deleting everything out of fear of being caught.

Even if you find proof of your girlfriend cheating from the cheating signs knowing if she is cheating may lead you to do things you regret, click below to find comprehensive guides to catching your cheating girlfriend in the act and also exactly how to handle the situation without making matters worse.

50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships – E-book Review

Bookstores have been full to bursting point with self-help books for relationships for years, thousands more marriage counselors seem to be setting up shop every year and of course the internet is also cluttered by a million pages about how to have a perfect relationship or marriage. So how does 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships by Oprah expert Michel Webb differ from the crowd?

Let’s have a look and see:

Firstly, it is good to see that this guide is based on real life examples rather that hypothetical scenarios where the author has complete control of the events in his own mind. Michel Webb actually provides real life examples from his own life to illustrate the points and solutions he makes with a warts and all approach which is refreshing.

Secondly, Michel Webb practices what he preaches and claims to have never had a fight with his wife Athena in 15 years which is remarkable. If you doubt this which I did at first you have to read exactly how he achieved this because it is riveting stuff that comes from real experiences and practice. After reading the book I can now see how this amazing 15 year streak can definitely be possible.

Thirdly, the book itself is simply set out with about one tip per day and just continues like this until the end of the book. Just about every tip had me shaking my head in agreement, as it gave me real-life solutions and several of those “a-ha” moments of profound understanding.

Thirdly, the book is well set out which is an undervalued thing when people are reviewing books. While the content is absolutely vital poor layout and poor written communication skills can turn any book no matter how good in advice into a confused clutter. Michael Webb takes a simple approach you can use in a couple of ways by having one tip a day for the whole book. You can read it one tip at a time one day at a time or you can read it through in a single sitting but the division of advice works well by not overloading the reader and still giving great advice and many a “a-hah!” moment when a p-particular tidbit leaps out at you and strikes a chord of new understanding of relationships.

Michael Webb has appeared in these shows and publications
Michael Webb has appeared in these shows and publications

There are however a few niggles with the book that found. It is a bit TOO formulaic in its approach which might be a side effect of their layout system. They always have a story or unrelated example, followed by how that information ties into relationships and the topic at hand.

However, if this become annoying or you are impatient to get through a long winded story you can skip down to about halfway down the section to find the point he is trying to make without going through every tiny detail.

Also, instead of the tip titles providing a clear “how to solve X problem” or a clear topic description, it simply has a phrase that ties together with the information. Now while this is no big deal, it would have been nice to be able to skim the book to exactly the advice I wanted. Although if you read the information on the sales page, you can work out what information belongs where in the book. So it’s not too bad.

Another small issue is that the titles to each section do not give you a clear idea of what problem this tip and story associated with it is suppose to solve. There is a phrase that ties in with the information which you can hazard a guess from but no “This section solves or covers this problem”. This makes it hard to skim for the exact solution you may be looking for but it is not too bad as you can guess from the title often.

It is definitely a better book for those who want to read from cover to cover as this seems to be it’s design philosophy, but those that want to skip around will also not be left cold either.

All in all, this is one of the best relationship books I’ve ever seen and it definitely deserves a read, especially if you have serious problems in your relationship.

So, after all this is taken into consideration 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships deserve a read if you are interested in making your relationship better especially if you are having some serious issues that need to be sorted as this could turn things around for you quickly.

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Guy Gets Girl – Dating Advice Guide Review

Guy Gets Girl is one of the most unique dating & seduction guides that can be found online because it has been written by a WOMAN for MEN. Tiffany Taylor the author has written this dating guide from a woman’s perspective and it shows through strongly in her insights into how women’s minds work based on emotion more than logic.

This may sound familiar to you if you have read much on dating and male and female psychology but the amazing thing is that being written by a women to help men actually does give new insights and more information than guides that offer the same advice written by a man because a man can only make an educated guess on what women really think and what makes them tick.

That being said, is the information helpful and what does it cover?

Tiffany’s philosophy on how to be a modern day Casanova centers around not having to be a ‘pick up artist’ or some alpha male jerk but instead allowing a man to still be the nice guy he naturally is but teaches techniques that seduce without compromising your integrity.

By learning the emotional triggers that drives the female brain when it comes to love and lust this guide immediately puts you ahead of the game and you can immediately see how the more successful daters tend to come out on top even if they are not that attractive or rich. It does not end there though, the real meat of the book comes from the step by step applications of these insights when it comes to dating and seduction for many and varied situations.

Some of the best sections include:

  • How to read her body language and be able to pick up on what she’s thinking but not saying.
  • The best conversation starters, This is one of the hardest things to do for many men and this part makes it simple.
  • The 4 best places to take a girl on a date, Forget what you know about first dates with this section becaue they are wrong.
  • How to get into one-night stands with ease, and get out of them even easier, should you need to – without anyone getting hurt. This is very interesting because it comes from a woman instead of some guy who thinks they know about women and sex.
  • The “Ten Commandments to Win Over a Woman”

Now while this guide does all the right things and gives you a fresh new perspective on women and dating there are some things to take into account.

This information is not free, Tiffany wrote this guide to make a profit but at $49.95 this information is not overpriced for the depth and value of the guide. It also includes a few extra guides on conversations and sex which are also good but I tend to take into account with the whole package.

The website’s language is also a little jarring in its attempt to promote their guide which is completely forgivable but some may be put off by the style of the site which would be a mistake to judge the downloadable guide on however.

That being said, Guy Gets Girl has a full 100% money back refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product and they use a reputable payment system so there will be no problems with that making a purchase of this product a win for the consumer who will have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Men & Divorce – Help For Life After Marriage

When it comes to men & divorce, help is not as easily available as you might think. Because of the mans traditional role as breadwinner society and the media especially tend to focus on the plight of the woman who often ends up with the kids as well and their financial difficulties and so on and so forth. Nothing against this, but it is not just women who have it rough after divorce these days and I dare say even years ago!

Recent studies have shown that it is actually men who have the hardest time coping after a divorce not women. There could be many reasons for this but a few common problems seen are:

  • Men handle emotional turmoil badly
  • Men often lose custody of children adding to stress
  • Men are often more dependant on the support of their wife emotionally where women have a better network of friends and family to help them
  • Men are often not used to looking after themselves

Not all of these may apply to everyone but the emotional toll on a man after a divorce can cause depression, anxiety and often leads to some seriously foolish actions that come from bottled up feelings and mans greatest asset and liability; the need to do SOMETHING.

This is where men need to stop and think about things. Some men will hit the dating scene too soon without addressing their emotions and others may wallow in depression for a similar reason and that is they do not know how to deal with the whole experience and there is hardly any support for men after divorce.

However if there is one thing men are good at it is solving problems as long as they have the right tools. So in this situation you have to look at yourself and your journey after divorce as a project to work on, you need a plan, you need to investigate things, you need tools be they people to lean on, information of other people in the same situation and so on and from this you can slowly come to grips with this new life because it will never be the same again … but you can rebuild it stronger and with more insight than before.

If you want more help to undertake this task to end the misery of life after divorce then click below to inspect a guide that gives you a blueprint for success.

‘After The Affair’ Books – Do They Help?

There is an awful lot of information out there on affairs and marriage and with any industry where there is competition it seems everyone is claiming a new method or a secret formula that will transform your life for the better. After the affair books and e-books are no exception to this which can put people off buying them but is this cynical view justified?

Hype & Marketing Vs Results

Sometimes it can a bit too easy to dismiss a helpful product because of overblown claims making you think it is too good to be true and therefore ignore it in the general background noise of life which is a shame because many of these books and e-books CAN be very helpful and are often written by experts who have many years experience. What they don’t do well sometimes is marketing themselves to the best effect because the only way to attract people’s attention is to be as loud and claim as many benefits to you as possible which can come off as crass. This is hard to avoid as the best way to attract attention is to target the exact situation you as a consumer might be in and advertise to your specific needs which can be quite varied even if you want the same result.

Actual benefits

Many ‘after the affair’ types of e-books can be very helpful to people facing life after a marital affair trying to survive adultery in a relationship. This is because they can bring clarity and structure to your efforts to rebuild your relationships and your life when anger, hurt and humiliation can send you on an emotional roller coaster that sometimes throws logic and planning out the window.

Having a guide with examples and ways to manage the rage and approach communications and issues with your cheating spouse without making the exercise useless can help you rebuild the trust that has been lost which is one of the most important binding forces in a marriage.

So if you do need some help to bring back trust, love and affection into a failing relationship because of your partner’s infidelity click below for reviews of ‘after the affair’ e-books to help you find the right guide that can help you.

How to Catch Him Cheating – Evidence & Reasons

Infidelity is a terrible thing that destroys the trust in a relationship which is one of the the, if not THE most important aspect for success and longevity. When we are confronted by these suspicions and signs of cheating our first thought may be to confront your cheating boyfriend or cheating husband, this however can be a disaster without evidence so you need to know how to catch him cheating and importantly know the differences between evidence and knowing their reasons for cheating.

While no one condones unfaithfulness, many people who set out on the path to determine is he cheating or not focus just on the who and where which is enough for most women to then take whatever action they want but this only tells a part of the story and can backfire on your just as badly as not having any evidence. This is because you can make mistakes for one, and if you do not understand the entire picture of their behavior they may be able to manipulate the conversation to their advantage which can become very messy.

So with this in mind when you are trying to work out how to catch him cheating do not neglect all elements of evidence but also the psychological motives and reasons of why they have done this as well for a more complete understanding that will help you in whatever path you choose to take.

How to catch him cheating though requires you to think much like a private investigator looking for clues in all the places people might neglect to hide their infidelity or simply forget too. In this digital age one of the best places to check is cell phones and computers which have data in many places that could yield information such as:

  • SMS messages
  • Phone numbers
  • Bookmarks
  • Internet histories
  • Internet cache
  • Email
  • Social Networking sites
  • dating sites

If you want to know more on how to catch a cheating lover from experts who know the technology, pitfalls and successful methods click below to find downloadable guides that can help you uncover their infidelity or prove their innocence once and for all.

Trust After an Affair – Can it Be Regained?

Trust is the strongest bond a relationship can have and without it most marriages cannot survive and fall apart like a house of cards. Trust after an affair therefore is something that is missing and must be regained if there is any hope for your relationship to continue without divorce or further problems and infidelity.

With this in mind how can trust be regained in a relationship tainted by a marital affair?

The answer is not a simple, or an easy one but many people who have followed the right path have managed to create a marriage that is stronger and better than it was before because regaining the trust means rebuilding your relationship based on the understanding of the affair and the problems in your marriage before it.

This means open and honest communication between you and your cheating spouse which is what many people feel they cannot do because of a few issues:

  • Fear – Fear of knowing the problems, fear it may be your own fault somehow, fear of knowing details that will make you upset.

  • Anger – You cannot have a conversation with your partner about the subject because you get angry and cannot talk properly due to outbursts or such a negative response to every answer that it does not seem productive.
  • Do not WANT to listen – Many people do not want to listen to their partner about the affair and the reasons behind it because they do not want to give their partner any chance to make excuses and would rather BE angry and use the affair as some sort of weapon to hold against them. This is a poisonous thing that leads to MORE affairs and often divorce and misery.

If you can find a way through these issues and truly understand everything about the affair in an attempt to revive your relationship and deal with the problems that led to your partner straying (which is their fault NOT yours) then you can be more trusting of them because the reasons that breed the mentality for infidelity will be gone and you AND your partner will have the understanding needed to see why you want to be with each other exclusively because your marriage becomes not just a binding contract to faithfulness but something you both WANT to be in rather than a duty to be upheld!

So if you want more information on surviving adultery in your marriage click below to find guides that can give you a roadmap to recovery that will help you get past the anger and hurt and rebuild trust and love once again.