How to Catch Cheating Girlfriends & Remove the Doubt

Doubt is worse than actually knowing a terrible truth as it implants a lack of trust in your relationship which may not be warranted while also making you anxious and paranoid. If you want to remove this doubt you need to know how to catch cheating girlfriends so you can actually be sure of their guilt or innocence and from there you can actually confront them, dump them or try to mend your relationship depending on your own unique situation.

Signs of Cheating

The first thing to do is to look for signs of cheating, you have already picked some up if you are looking for this information but the more you find the better to discover the truth. Some commons things you need to watch out for include:

  • Changes in schedule – time is needed to conduct an affair so if you find your girlfriend has changed her routine greatly and keeps changing it by working late, being out of contact for much longer than is reasonable and being defensive about this you might have a sign of cheating.
  • Changes in Intimacy – The way your girlfriend interacts with you intimately be it sexually or just being close can change drastically if they are cheating on you. Sometimes they may become much more withdrawn and will not react to your advances anymore and other times they may become uncharacteristically overly intimate with you which may seem good but is it you they are actually thinking of. Women’s hormones make a big difference to this so do not jump to conclusions but if you know her usually moods during the month and this is different it may be a cheating sign.
  • Defensiveness – People who are doing something they know is wrong will often become very defensive if questioned about it, confronting them directly is a bad idea but if you probe a little bit and find them biting your head off for it you might have touched on a sore spot.
  • Phone or internet oddities – If your girlfriend uses her cell phone regularly and the internet and you find them taking phone conversations out of your ear shot and closing programs and browser windows when you get to close they might be trying to hide something.


Once you have found enough signs of cheating to be reasonably sure they may be unfaithful you can stop wondering “is she cheating” and get to finding proof of girlfriend cheating because without proof you will find they can simply deny it and can even find ways to blackmail you for your hastiness. Proof of cheating is essential for you to be able to take any action so do not be too quick to do something out of anger and hurt before you have the proof and you understand what and why they are doing this. A few investigation tips for the modern digital age are as follows:

  • Cell phones – Cell phones can be a gold mine of information with call records and phone numbers along with SMS messages you can look at. Sometimes you can find a smoking gun but often they will be careful about keeping their phone clean but they do often forget to delete their call history …
  • Computers – Computers are an even bigger depository of information with chatting and online activities becoming much more closely linked it can have everything you need from visited sites, chat histories, cached content and email you can find out a lot about their unfaithfulness from a computer. If you find it is overly clean of any information though they may be deleting everything out of fear of being caught.

Even if you find proof of your girlfriend cheating from the cheating signs knowing if she is cheating may lead you to do things you regret, click below to find comprehensive guides to catching your cheating girlfriend in the act and also exactly how to handle the situation without making matters worse.

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