How To Get a Girl To Kiss You – What You Are Doing Wrong!

Fact or Fiction?
Fact or Fiction?

Many guys want to know the secret about how to get a girl to kiss you so they can take things to the next level. Imagine having the charm and charisma that overpowers a woman with you supreme manliness and just drives them crazy with desire to plant their lips on yours.

Well guess what! That is not going to happen!

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is not the way the world works in 99% of all cases because real men kiss women, women are attracted to real men, waiting for a kiss is pointless because you must take charge!

I may sound like some irate drill sergeant but when I found out there were guys out there just waiting and wondering why nothing would happen I had to speak out. The real question is not how to get a girl to kiss you but how to approach a girl and plant a kiss that gets reciprocated … that’s the trick.

Does this sound scary? Does this sound out of your depth? If so do not worry because so many guys who have amazing skills with women started out the same way but learnt over time exactly what women want and how to change their thinking to become the alpha male (I hate that term but it does apply) without trickery or deception just a slight change in attitude.

Here is one tip, the first kiss on a date or ever is totally over hyped and a distraction from everything else. The best ay to do it is get it over with quickly … when you feel there is an opportunity you have to take it and live with the consequences which are usually … NONE! If the opportunity was there they wanted you to do this. Another tips if you are feeling a little cheeky is to tell them “You can kiss me now” with a wink and even point at your cheek or something. That means she might kiss you and if she doesn’t you can make light of it or whatever you want.

If you want to know how to get the confidence to do all this and you still feel out of your depth click below to find complete guides that have turned nervous shy guys into chick magnets with a little information and lots of practical application.

6 Hot Tips on How to Seduce Women

image plays a major role in seduction
Image plays a major role in seduction

Every man wants that amazing ability to be able to met, approach and seduce women that the movie stars and in fact many other regular guys seem to have. The trouble is many men give up on trying to improve this in themselves because they think they have to be rich and attractive and be born with some inbuilt charisma to do this. This is wrong, anyone can be seductive if they lean how and these 5 tips on how to seduce women can get you started!

1. Confidence

You probably have heard this one again and again and guess what … I am going to tell you once more because this is vital to seducing and bedding any woman. Women are attracted to confident men who appear in control because they are hardwired biologically to find strong men who will be good mates and providers attractive even if they are just looking for a fling too!

2. Dress Sense

As obvious as this is why do so many men pay less attention to this than they should? You do not need to be James Bond in a tuxedo but dress well for the event or location you are in and pay attention to details like ironing, the right fit, color and so forth.

3. Hygiene

Another item that means a LOT to women that some men ignore to their peril. You should look and smell nice, brush your teeth, floss, clean your ears, shave or trim your beard and take care of your hair. You do not need to be a metro-sexual if this seems to put you off just take care of your hygiene and appearance is all.

4. Learn to Approach

The first vital step in seducing women is the approach, you have one chance to impress immediately to get a foot in the door so to speak so you can move on to the next stages of seduction, this is a complex issue however and is not covered in as much depth in this article.

5. Think from Their Point of View

Another big mistake men make is to purely think from their own perspective. When engaging a woman in conversation and seduction do not just think of how you want to do things think of what she might want. This is different for every women but just doing your own thing may not be what THEY want so find out what sort of women they are and what they might want and exploit that for amazing benefits!

6. Take Charge

If you have managed to impress and have established a rapport with the women you wish to seduce then you must take charge of the situation, this does not mean forcing things or coming on too strong but you must make your intentions clear enough and be able to suggest to the lady to move on to something more be it to get her phone number, organize a date or even leave right now together depending on the situation. You can not let the opportunity pass and you can not wait for her to send every signal or to ask herself because that is a major turn off for women!

7. Keep Trying

If you do all these tips on how to seduce a women you may still get rejected or you may still stumble and screw something up but you know what … most of those other guys who are swamped with women did not just get there by force of charisma overnight, they LEARNED how to seduce women by making mistakes and fixing them and discovering bit by bit their strengths and what makes women tick.

If you want more information on how to seduce a women but do not want to stumble around in the dark for too long click below to find guides written by dating and seduction experts that can expand on confidence, the approach and exactly how women think so you are armed with every bit of information you need to be the person you want to be with women.

How to Attract a Girl Through Body Language

Relaxed Confidence It Attractive to Women
Relaxed Confidence It Attractive to Women

Approaching and attracting girls not an easy thing to do for most guys these days it seems as there no set rules in dating and women feel more empowered to be picky. In this arena the ones who know how to attract a girl through body language have a distinctive edge over those blind to such subtle moves because it is something primal and hardwired into our biology that comes to the fore when body language is used to attract and seduce.

There are a thousand tricks that you can use when applying attracting body language but the core concepts remain the same which is that your body language should exude an air of confidence and manliness!

These are linked concepts but slightly different.

Confidence is all about showing you are in control of the situation, it is often as simple as having an absence of insecurity such as fidgeting, trying to have too much personal space, darting eyes, looking down and so forth. It does not mean you need to strut or swagger that is off the scale and obviously overboard but if you want to appear confident you need to have a steady gaze and be comfortable in whatever situation you are in. Women are attracted to confident men who are in control because this is a primal element of being a good mate who can provide for them which they probably do not even realize but that is just the way humans are!

Manliness is about sexuality, it follows that if a girl is attracted to confident body language this is manly and this is true. You can also accentuate that by not being afraid to flirt by standing in masculine ways to show off your body and even yes your crotch as crass as that may seem. Subtle is the key but men not afraid to be proud of their body and manhood are seen as sexy even if you are not the best looking guy in the world without the best physique either … it is all about perception.

There is more to attraction than knowing how to attract women through body language as they will only get you part way, you need to know how to approach, how to talk, how to read group dynamics, how to read their reactions and much, much more and you need a game plan too. To find out more details on attracting women no matter who you are click below to find out more.

How to Catch Your Wife Cheating – 3 Investigation Tips

Suspect her of cheating?
Suspect her of cheating?

How to catch you wife cheating can be an awful process to go through but for men who suspect they have a cheating spouse the need to know and be sure is an immediate concern as the not knowing is often worse than finding out the truth.

The reason for this is that if you do not have proof you will constantly be thinking “is my wife cheating” and the anxiety and paranoia can destroy your marriage even if you might actually be mistaken! The point of trying to catch a cheating spouse is that you can at least have the whole story and be able to move on, confront them with facts or whatever action you want to take … but you can take it with more confidence. The trust is already destroyed in your relationship if you know or just suspect so stop wondering is she cheating and find out for sure for everyone’s benefit.

How to catch my wife cheating then you ask?

Private investigators can do this with a wide variety of methods but if you pay attention you can do this on your own as long as you keep a calm disposition, a logical frame of mind and be aware of what she is doing and saying. Some techniques that find clues and proof are listed below:

  • 1. Digital Communications – One of the most important ways to catch a cheating spouse is to investigate the digital ‘paper trail’ that we all leave in this modern age of cell phones, emails, internet dating sites, social networking sites and more. Cell phones are a good source of phone numbers to investigate and SMS messages to spy on and the home computer (or work computer) can contain emails, internet site histories, internet cache, or if they are sloppy just bookmarks to suspect sites. If this proves to be a dead end and too clean they may realize you might be looking and deleting everything to cover their tracks … this may not be the end as there is software than can track peoples movements on a computer without being detected that could be of use.
  • 2. Bank accounts – Money is often needed when in an affair as a cheat often gives gifts, pays for motel rooms, dinners and so forth. While a woman is often harder to track as men tend to do the paying anomalies can be found in credit card statements and bank accounts statements. Payment to expensive restaurants, motels or even to buy birth control or sexy underwear you have never seen might raise a flag. Also large sums of money withdrawn from ATMs may be in indication that they are trying to pay for cash on things so they cannot be traced in this way and can be a vital clue.
  • 3. Time – Time is the most important asset to a cheating spouse as they need time to be with their lover and this is something you need to track. Where are they? Why did they take so long to get home from work? Why is nothing done when she said she would be cleaning all day? These are some questions to ask yourself but remember not to be too direct or to get too nosey on this matter until you have more proof because this can cause more problems in the long run.

While it may be hard to stay unemotional during this period it is vital to do so when you set ask yourself how to catch my wife cheating. Without expert advice though you can make some serious mistakes that can damage things further and make it harder to catch them cheating.
If you want to avoid these pitfalls and prove their guilt (or their innocence!) click below to find guide written by experts on catching a cheating spouse that can give you step by step instructions to end the anxiety.

Recovering From an Affair Does Not Have to be Difficult

Recovering from an affair can seem like the hardest thing in the world as the pain, anger and hurt seem to take up residence in your heart and refuses to move no matter what you try. This does not need to be the case however as we all have the choice to be happy and we all have the choice to change ourselves and bring others along with this change which can mend even the rockiest marriage.

The choice is a very important aspect of healing. It is not as easy as just waking up one day and choosing to put it all behind you as some people might try to do and end up lying to themselves but instead it is the choice to stop grieving over what has happened and to stop grieving over the loss of the marriage you once had and instead turn your sights to the future.

This means that the anger and hurt must be dealt with so that you can purge the negativity from yourself in order to make that choice with a clear purpose and without falling again to depression and anger. How to do this is the hard part for many people because it involves an honest and in depth discussion about the affair and all that it entails.

The anxiety and fear about doing this can make some people feel physically ill as we shy away from hearing about details of our loved ones in the embrace of another but that is not the point of it. The reason to discuss the affair is to uncover the real reasons why they did it beyond simple lust because most affairs happen because one partner is not getting something they want out of their marriage and end up looking for an emotional connection elsewhere.

This does NOT mean it was your fault before you think of it as such! THEY made the decision to cheat not you. THEY chose to abandon their vows not you.

What it does mean is that if you know where your marriage may have left your partner unfulfilled of wanting you can address that issue taking consideration that it was serious enough to drive them to an affair and work to fix those problems. It also means you can air your own feelings of anger and hurt in a civilized fashion with both of you in a discussion not an argument and only through this cathartic and informative discussion will you be recovering from an affair enough to purge the negativity to be able to make that choice … the choice to move in and create something new.

For more expert help on surviving an affair click below to get the help you need to create a happier life.

Catch a Cheating Boyfriend – 3 Detective Tips

signs of cheating?
signs of cheating?

Some women feel sick and anxious when they suspect they spot signs of a cheating boyfriend and others become filled with anger and rage when they start to wonder is my boyfriend cheating. This can be a very emotional and terrible feeling and the only way to move forward is to know the truth because just suspecting is much worse than knowing the truth even if it is painful so you need to catch a cheating boyfriend to actually be released from this situation and be able to move on or take action.

The first thing you need to do is be calm, rational and logical in your approach or you risk making the biggest mistake most women make when they find signs of cheating and either confront their boyfriend without proof and make the situation worse as they deny it and can emotionally blackmail you at a later date with your suspicions. Or if they are NO cheating you have just destroyed the entire trust in your relationship which is the strongest bond of all. So instead think like a detective and start finding proof of him being unfaithful.

1. Time

The first and often most obvious thing you may notice and need to investigate is where their time is going. Cheating on someone requires enough time to be with their lovers and this is often what catches many guys out if they are sloppy at hiding their movements. Do not confront them about where they have been every time they go out or every time they do not answer their phone as this will simply make them suspicious or angry which does not help, instead pay attention to when they are off the radar, why they might be always late home from work and so on. Build up a full picture of how they are spending their time and you will have a better idea of what is happening after you follow the next steps.

2. Psychology

Sometimes physical proof is hard to come by when you find signs of cheating but evidence and proof can be found from your boyfriend’s actions and words. Without confronting them you can still ask questions that reveal inconsistencies in their stories, discover little lies and even make them feel guilty without them suspecting you know. This can only work if you keep a cool head so again you must be calm even if their answers sadden or anger you because if you get enough evidence from their own words when the time is right you can provide undeniable proof and not only this you will understand perhaps why they have done this which is an often overlooked part of the process that women sometimes throw away in favor of revenge which ultimately is bad for you as well.

3. Digital Communication

The best place to find evidence is in digital form these days with cell phones and the internet you can investigate phone numbers and SMS messages on their phone and discover site histories, emails, social networking sites and other places on their computer if you have access. IF you share a computer regularly you may find they have cleaned away all evidence however but if you are determined to find the truth there are programs you can install that remain invisible that track where they go and what they type which can sometimes provide all you need to catch a cheating boyfriend.

So if you are prepared to find out the truth and prove your boyfriend’s innocence or guilt to be free of the anxiety and pain click below to find guides that can give you more information in a step by step format on what to do to be absolutely sure of their cheating.

Men, Divorce, Depression & Coping With It All

Whenever I see an article about divorce, or watch a news or current affair report about life of divorcees it always seems to focus on the woman’s plight and not any problems of men. Divorce & depression are partners for men after a marriage fails and recent reports have suggested that men take divorce a lot harder than women for a number of reasons.

These reasons are usually linked with women’s ability to develop social networks that allow them to get the support, advice and help they need while men often do not have these things and try to be stoic in the face of a massively changed life with emotional turmoil building inside them. Marriage problems and the divorce often lead to one prominent emotional issue which is depression.

While there are enormous numbers of books written on depression you can find some good practical advice you can use straight away include:

  • Breaking down your problems into smaller pieces - Sometimes the divorce and problems after the event all pile up and can become unbearable making it depressing and overwhelming. Since there is no way back and no way out though you must start sorting your issues into smaller manageable chunks and just work at one at a time or the task may seem to be too much.
  • Do not focus on the negatives - This is probably the hardest thing to do when you are depressed and it is impossible to stop thinking about negative things. However to lessen the problems you must find good things and focus on them even if they seem too small to make a difference against the negatives. The trick is though it is like breaking your problems into smaller chunks … after a while you have collected enough good positive feelings, thoughts and emotions that they can start to make an impact … never let go of the good things and actions you take!
  • Have a goal – Men are very good at setting goals to achieve and we are biologically built to solve problems. Sometimes we do this in the most inappropriate way mind you but if we have the right tools we can build anything! With this in mind even if depression does strike you having something to do is important, it could be a life goal, an emotional goal or even a physical goal it does not matter. Achieving something makes men feel good at helps again depression and negative thinking.

For more advice by a man who has been through a messy divorce, depression and a whole host of other problems and has built a roadmap to recovery for men after divorce click below to find out more.

5 Better Lovemaking Tips for Steamy Sex

If you want great, hot, passionate sex and not just the same routine over and again then pay attention to these better lovemaking tips for both men and women!

1. Discover Your Partners ‘Hidden Zones’

While there are some pretty obvious places like the breasts, genitals, inner thighs, lips and so on many people do not realize that both men and women have other areas that are very sensitive to kisses and caresses that can drive them wild and intensify their orgasms if done right.
These places vary from person to person but try paying attention to the ears, neck, arms, back and other less obvious places to see what they like then stimulate those areas gently during foreplay for better love making when he time comes.

2. Use Romance & Mood

This may sound cheesy and cliché for many people (mainly guys!) but women especially react very strongly to mood and romance so do not dismiss it! Candles, flower petals, music, fragrances and so on can be used to make a sexual experience something SPECIAL not just another romp in the sack.
The trick is to not be too obvious about it, make it a surprise on occasion and keep things fresh! Women also do not dismiss this, guys do not react as much as women to romance but if you are waiting in bed with candles and rose petals and sexy underwear it is amazing how much the scene immediately infects a mans mind with the same sense of romance.

3. Sensual, Sexual Massages

Again it may seem clichéd but the joy of touching and caressing the body can raise arousal levels in both men and women and has the benefit of relaxing as well as exciting at the same time. Make it a sensual and sexual massage though with plenty of focus near but not on the erogenous zones because anticipation and suspense of the main course is a massive part of building excitement and amazing orgasms.

4. Engage in More Oral Sex

Oral sex is not just for porn stars but is an amazing and selfless way of giving your partner pleasure and even build trust and strengthen your relationship by allowing someone’s mouth down there. This can also help relieve guys of performance anxiety and help give women orgasms who find it hard to reach during intercourse too.
Some tips for better oral sex are as follows:

  • WOMEN – Do not just dive in and start sucking away like a Hoover, while guys love the sensation you should start slower, with soft touches and a playful attitude to build anticipation until they beg for more then take it further for more powerful orgasms.
  • MEN – A mistake men make is that they try to use their tongue like a thrusting device when trying to stimulate the clitoris and vagina. IT is better and more pleasurable during this sort of lovemaking to lick the sensitive spots like an ice cream cone with wide flat licks, for more variety try to spell the alphabet with your tongue around their clitoris!

5. Constantly explore and try new things

More than all the other better lovemaking tips here for better sex this is the most important to your long term sexual fulfillment and happiness. You do not need to be hanging from the ceiling wearing kinky get ups and screaming dirty talk at each other to be new and different (unless that is what your into!) but you can always experiment a little.
A new position, a different place to make love, light role playing, a foreplay game and many more things can add something new and exciting to a love life that might get stale because no matter how much and how hard you thrust and sweat what REALLY matters is how your partner feels about this and variety will open your options up for the future and even if they do not work as well as you hoped it is new and exciting to try!

So if you want to spice up your sex life and have better lovemaking for years and years to come with sexy, passionate nights that will strengthen your relationship click below to discover how to achieve this!