Recovering From an Affair Does Not Have to be Difficult

Recovering from an affair can seem like the hardest thing in the world as the pain, anger and hurt seem to take up residence in your heart and refuses to move no matter what you try. This does not need to be the case however as we all have the choice to be happy and we all have the choice to change ourselves and bring others along with this change which can mend even the rockiest marriage.

The choice is a very important aspect of healing. It is not as easy as just waking up one day and choosing to put it all behind you as some people might try to do and end up lying to themselves but instead it is the choice to stop grieving over what has happened and to stop grieving over the loss of the marriage you once had and instead turn your sights to the future.

This means that the anger and hurt must be dealt with so that you can purge the negativity from yourself in order to make that choice with a clear purpose and without falling again to depression and anger. How to do this is the hard part for many people because it involves an honest and in depth discussion about the affair and all that it entails.

The anxiety and fear about doing this can make some people feel physically ill as we shy away from hearing about details of our loved ones in the embrace of another but that is not the point of it. The reason to discuss the affair is to uncover the real reasons why they did it beyond simple lust because most affairs happen because one partner is not getting something they want out of their marriage and end up looking for an emotional connection elsewhere.

This does NOT mean it was your fault before you think of it as such! THEY made the decision to cheat not you. THEY chose to abandon their vows not you.

What it does mean is that if you know where your marriage may have left your partner unfulfilled of wanting you can address that issue taking consideration that it was serious enough to drive them to an affair and work to fix those problems. It also means you can air your own feelings of anger and hurt in a civilized fashion with both of you in a discussion not an argument and only through this cathartic and informative discussion will you be recovering from an affair enough to purge the negativity to be able to make that choice … the choice to move in and create something new.

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