Exercises to Prevent Premature Ejaculation & Regain Your Sexuality

An estimated 40% of all men suffer from some level of premature ejaculation which is an amazing amount of men who live with a level of shame and anxiety over their sexual performance which can have far reaching effects into their life and their relationships.

The taboo subject also stops many men seeking help when there are exercises to prevent premature ejaculation that anyone can do to stop cumming too soon allowing you to feel confident, masculine and please your women to a greater degree which leads to better relationships and intimacy.

Some quick tips you can try are as follows:

  • Practice makes perfect: Many men have learned poor control over their climax often from bad masturbation habits which lead to quick gratification and poor muscular contraction and control skills. By masturbating and stopping when near the point of no return (just a few seconds called the pre-gasm that your body lets you know what is coming) and relaxing to stop the climax you can gradually learn some level of control. You can do this over and again before you ejaculate to practice.
  • Control Breathing: Part of the act of lovemaking and orgasm is a heightened state of arousal that includes faster breathing and a higher heart rate that spurs the body towards it orgasm. When you approach pre-gasm learn to slow your breathing and relax somewhat. Do not take deep breaths as this actually raises your heart rate but try to breathe out heavily and inhale shallow until your heart stops pounding so much … this has a flow on effect to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Exercise your PC muscle: This muscle is the same one you use to stop urinating and cuts off the flow of fluids through your penis if you contract it. Try stopping the flow of urine when you go to the toilet as a start but there are other exercises you can do to strengthen it that will give you much more control.

There are many more methods and exercises to prevent premature ejaculation you can use to revitalize your sex life and give you the confidence in bed you need which are available online so click below to view the most comprehensive guides to ejaculation control.


How to Get a Date With a Cute Woman

If you want to know how to get a date with a cute woman you need to know what women react to and you also need to know your own strengths and weaknesses in regards to this because the dating game is more confusing and frustrating than ever before especially for the man!

The first thing you need to know is that despite the fact the media portrays men as buffoons and idiots women are not attracted to loveable losers; women are attracted to REAL men. Real men does not mean you have to be James Bond or be a muscle bound jerk but it does mean you need to look at these stereotypes and see what women find attractive in them and look beyond the physical aspects because that is secondary to what most women are looking for.

What matters is how you present yourself, how you behave, how you speak and how you act that shows what a real man is and what makes women weak at the knees which I will over-simplify here to make a concise point:

  • Women like confident men. Confident in their own body, their beliefs, their intellect and their future.
  • Women like strong men who do not shy away from challenges.
  • Women like guys who take charge without being pushy, bullies or ignorant of others feelings.
  • Women like protective men who will be gentle to the opposite sex and to those weaker than themselves
  • Women like secure men who are happy with themselves, a smile and a laugh can go a long way.

There is much more to it that that but what it boils down to is biology, women want men who can be good providers, husbands and fathers even if they are just looking for a fling or some fun the same attractive traits hit them right in the romance spots!

Now that you know what women want and what you need to be (not pretend to be) you can apply this in looking for dates.

To do this you need to be persistent and not be focused on just one woman even but continually approach, build rapport and find the ones that send the right signals your way … those that you have primed with your body language, wit and interest.

Then you need to do the one thing that most guys are terrible at even if they are good at talking to women and that is close the deal and get a date!. When the time is right do not say ‘goodbye’ and ‘see you around’ and do not fumble out a line like “I was, um, wondering, um if .. you know … if you want maybe to .. um go out sometime?” … no, no, NO!

Remember when I said women like guys who take charge, this is the part of how to get a date with a cute woman where you must take charge and ask for her number or a date as a statement like “Hey, it’s been great talking with you give me your number and we can catch up some time later.” or “Hey it has been great chatting, we should meet up later for a coffee”.

While this is the bare bones of being great in the dating game how to get a date with a cute woman has a lot more intricacies and subtleties and some guys need a lot more coaching to become the players they want to be. So if you want to know how women think about dating and seduction then click below for comprehensive guides that will have you knee deep in cute females before you know it!


How to Seduce Beautiful Women With Confidence

How to seduce beautiful women is the question all men want answered when they are on the hunt and are looking for more intimate encounters with the women they meet. Most men however find it difficult to seduce women and end up either rejected or in the dreaded ‘friend zone’ that seems so hard to climb out of.

There are a few truths that you must know about women before you should start looking at how to seduce women however:

  • Women WANT to be seduced and enjoy sex as much as men do.
  • Women need certain prerequisites met before they allow themselves to be seduced.
  • Women will never initiate seduction it is all up to you and is in your power.

By knowing this you understand that a rejection is not often an outright ‘no’ but is instead that you have not done your homework and groundwork before moving in to close the deal so to speak.

Women have some underlying things they need satisfied before they are primed to be seduced and this can vary from women to women, it is your job to find out what makes them tick and that is by achieving the first prerequisite anyway:

  • Rapport: To find out how to seduce beautiful women you need to establish a level of rapport with them. This is the first step to gaining trust and it allows you to show your best side while they are open to your advances and words. It also allows you to ask them about themselves and what they like to uncover some interesting facts you can use for further seduction.
  • Eye contact: It has been shown in many experiments that good eye contact actually has a level of hypnosis attached to it. The science behind this is debatable but this is an important aspect when establishing rapport and also shows your confidence and interest when talking to them which is what women desire.
  • Look for Approval: If you have developed a rapport with this women and can make her laugh and you can pick the subtle signals such as her leaning closer to you (a trick is to lower your volume a bit to make her lean forward to hear her, if she does she is interested). Other signals may include some other body language signs such as slightly parted lips, moist lips, and her mirroring your smiles back at you as you talk.
  • Touching: If all of these signs are apparent and you have not already done so try to engage in some gentle physical advances such as touching her hand, a simple pat of squeeze might do. Brush her hair back maybe if it has fallen over her eyes, small approaches to see if she reciprocates.
  • Propose a next step: This is all important, like a salesman this is the closing line on this encounter. Your proposal should not be asking for permission but instead should be a statement in question form. It may not be an invitation back to your bedroom if she is not ready but you have an opportunity to get their number, propose a date or something that moves you from where you are now closer to full seduction.

For a more detailed explanation of all aspects listed above and much more when it comes to how to seduce beautiful women click below for full guides to dating & seduction that will have you knee deep in gorgeous women before you know it!


‘100 Sex Games For Couples’ Review

One of the greatest challenges in your long term relationship is attempting to keep things fun and exciting in the bedroom.

However, work or your kids or a myriad of other tasks and chores that need to be done often interfere with the time you need to stoke the flames of passion in your sex life. If you are like me you know how busy life can be so it only makes sense to find new ideas that can be used over and again in your list of love making techniques.

Into this situation comes “100 Sex Games for Couples”. This is nothing outrageously kinky as sex games are a great way to keep your lovemaking fresh and original and may also have a longer reuse value than the variety of sex positions and lovemaking techniques.

Does this e-book by Michael Webb actually deliver on this promise though with enough good sex games to keep things interesting?

The book starts well with an introduction about how intimacy is spiritual, emotional & physical covering more aspects than some guides that gloss over straight to the physical aspect. This sets the tone for the entire book as the games are about ‘making love’ and not just a physical act of sexual intercourse.

The actual games that follow are divided into two sections which confused me for a second because there were only 33 games not a hundred until I saw that each game had multiple variations taking the total to 100. These variations have different rules and variation on the original concept which I thought was interesting because you could use the same game with a twist just when your partner might have been getting used to the original to keep them on their toes! Some of the games are more entertaining than others like any comprehensive list but they all had merit and some were very imaginative and very sexy.

For example there is an exciting guessing game, a passionate night of lovemaking but starting from an unusual location, an pleasurable storytelling game which I quite liked and even a card game with a twist (no, not just strip poker). They range from games involving food to communicating, touching and sharing intimate moments.

All in all, the book is well worth the asking price, considering it could be the very thing that brings you closer together as a couple!

So, is this book worth it? For the small amount it costs and the amazing variety of ideas that will give you many nights of pleasure and togetherness it is a great bit of extra reading that can liven up your sex life for years.

I recommend this guide to anyone looking for something new if things have gone a bit stale or even to those who are having good sex but want it to be great!

Visit the ‘100 Sex Games For Couples’ Site

How to Attract Hot Women Without Even Approaching Them!

How to attract hot women is the question every man asks as they look around at the amazing abundance of sexy, attractive females all over the place and wonder ‘why doesn’t she notice ME?!”

The answer to this question is both simple and complex at the same time (just like the whole game of love really!). The trick is that you need to know exactly what women look for in a man at the base level that goes beyond personal quirks and preferences, an animal instinct if you will but one that still applies today in a modern world where the gender roles have shifted much further than at any other time in history.

The simple answer to this that you can use to attract hot women without even approaching or speaking with them is Confidence.

Ok, ok … I bet you have heard that a million times and either agree but do not know how or think it is a crock but the truth is that is works but not how it is often perceived.

Firstly, confidence is not being a jerk though many jerks are perceived as confident because they often are but fail to have that level of empathy, leadership and manly protectiveness that is part and parcel of what women want in a man.

Secondly, confidence is not being overly suave and dressing up like James Bond or by being a Metrosexual it comes from having the confidence and knowledge to take charge of situations, to be proud of your body and mind and to display that to the world without boasting an announcing it.

How to attract hot women sounds hard doesn’t it!

It may not come naturally to many but it can be learned and to apply this immediately it comes down to body language and visual aesthetic which is the first impression that only ever occurs once and that may make or break your chances at getting together with those hotties you want to know better.

To begin with try these few tips:

  • Your stance says a lot about you. Stand up straight but do not be at attention, you should be relaxed but with your shoulders back, no slouching and your legs about shoulder width apart and your chin up a little.
  • Pay attention to your grooming, whatever is your style does not matter as long as you look clean, trimmed and healthy. If you look too made up you may seem to be overcompensating and the same applies with your dress. Be comfortable with your style but stand out!
  • Facial expression is also important. Smile broadly and have a steady gaze, do not flinch away from a look and always return a woman’s eye contact with a smile and a steady gaze and if she smiles back then you have already attracted a hot women and she is ready to be approached!

For more information about how to attract hot women, approach them, establish rapport and move on to the next step click below to find complete guides to any seduction and dating challenge that will have you knee deep in gorgeous women.


Sexpertzone’s Female Orgasm Guide Review

Finding a good guide on how to give women great orgasms is a lot harder than you think. We searched the internet and found many such guides but most were badly written, poorly illustrated, sleazy or even just plain wrong!

Thankfully I found Sexpertzone’s Female Orgasm Guide that stands out from the crowd!

First off it must be said that this is a very physical guide, it does not dwell on the emotional or spiritual aspect of lovemaking and instead opts for a rigorous approach to the fundamental physical aspects which in some ways is disappointing as the value of the emotional side of lovemaking is very important.

In the flip side of this no other guide is as comprehensive, practical and well set out as this guide making it a hard choice as our second placed guide only missing out because of its narrower focus.

So what is actually in this guide then?

The guide focuses around every aspect of the female orgasm revealing that women can have 3 types of climaxes which they explain in full. They also explain and show exactly how you can achieve these using all techniques available to you.

What makes it stand out is the exactness of the information along with diagrams and pictures to let you know exactly how, when and why to thrust or lick. It reads like a car owner’s manual in some ways which may not seem very flattering but if you struggle to give your women great orgasms you will know this is exactly what you need.

They boast that they cut out all the ‘fluff’ to give you concise and useful information and they are spot on with this claim making this an excellent guide for those confused by the female orgasm but also for anyone curious to expand their physical repertoire.

Visit the ‘Female Orgasm Guide’ Site

Online Dating Love Tips For Newbies

So you have decided to venture into the world of online dating with the hopes that the internet can hook you up with great people for fun, excitement or long term relationships from the millions of other like you who have also logged in to find their perfect match. Then you find the dating sites and end up confused, overwhelmed and perhaps ignored, pestered or having a generally miserable time because you do not know how the game works and how to find the gems in the vast sea of incompatible people that also inhabit this online space. You may need these online dating love tips to give you a head start into virtual dating that can have you flirting and finding wonderful matches in no time at all!

1. Your Profile
Your profile is hands down the most important part of finding love online because it is the window into your personality, interests, appearance and what you are looking for. The people who find the most success in dating online have discovered that you must be aware of these things:

  • Be honest, do not start a relationship off with deception. This applies to your profile picture as well as your written profile. You are not trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes here, you are trying to find someone who likes you for you!
  • Be unique. everyone likes to hang out with friends, laugh, watch movies etc, etc that is text that is ignored. Put in your interests in detail and what makes you unique and special so instead of saying you like music list what type of music you like and so forth.
  • Do not be too verbose. While you need to be detailed do not write a novel!
  • List what you are looking for in a partner in general terms to encourage those with the right traits to contact you!

2. Be active
Use the tools of the dating site to your advantage. Contact many people who are of interest but only take things further to those that you build a rapport with using the email, live chat, and even video chat to help you find the right person for you. Don’t be shy also, flirt using the virtual “kisses” and “smiles” and so forth and feel free to be a bit naughty as it shows confidence which is attractive to both men and women. Remember this is not about focusing on one person but building a large list of possible candidates and narrowing it to only the few that you really want to see in person as that is the only way to be sure.

3. Find the Right Dating Site
This online dating love tip is not really about love but it is vital for dating success as there are many websites out there including free sites which often have uncommitted members who are not serious about the process and the more stable, better equipped paid sites that boast large user bases and members willing to pay and be involved for a better quality of potential lovers. Find the site that caters to your particular persuasion be it sexual, religious, racial. Also find the sites that are geared to the kind of relationship you are looking for be it intimate encounters, fun dating or long term relationships.

So if these online dating love tips have you more confident about entering the fast paced world of virtual dating to find the perfect match for you click below to find the right site that suits your needs!

Dating Site Reviews

4 Dating Site Tips to Sort Gold From the Garbage!

Online dating can be a frustration to many who are committed to the process and idea of finding well matched dates for fun or relationships as there are so many posers, time wasters, liars, scammer and even sexual predators that also inhabit this online space. Dating site tips are therefore essential for you to navigate this minefield to find the gems that are there is you know how to find them and also how to get them to find you …

  • 1. Good Profiles – Your profile is the first thing people look at and the first thing you will look at when searching for a date. To be on top of the game you have to be picky. Ignore those that do not put much effort into their profile because they are either not serious about finding a date or they might be one of the afore mentioned time wasters, liars or scammers. In return you must put a lot of effort into your own profile to be noticed and contacted. To do this on your dating site you need to be unique, detailed, but not too verbose and have a current but flattering profile picture. Any falsehoods in this profile will not serve you well because when you meet they will become apparent and it is a wasted date as they feel deceived.
  • 2. Be Active & Be Picky – While there may be many great people on the site you need to be picky about who you choose to contact, investigate and talk to because the idea is not to get a dozen dates in a week but to get as many as you feel you can handle with only the people you feel comfortable and are interested in. On the flipside you need to be an active member and contact and flirt with many people, not all of this needs to go further than you want it to as you can politely say no to those that are not interested of you feel may be the afore mentioned problem members. Build up a list of potentials and start sorting what YOU want because you should feel you are in control.
  • 3. Use the Dating site tools – Many people only use the emailing system within these sites which is a crying shame when they provide so many more options including your own space to host blogs, video chat features, VOIP features, real time chat and much more. As you get to know more people you can get to know them in more detail using these features so use them to sort those that are not quite right from Mr. or Mrs. Perfect Match!
  • 4. Only use GOOD dating sites – This could be the most important dating site tip because like the members of dating sites dating sites themselves are not all the best match for you. Some have different focuses that you may not be interested in and others might cater for your particular sexual, religious or racial preference. The specialization is not the only thing worth considering though as the features and cost is also something to take into consideration.

If these dating site tips have you eager to start [playing the online dating game to find that intimate encounter or long term partner or just fun dates then click below to find out which dating site is best for your needs.

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