Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship – Warnings In Dreams

Last week I acquired a new student who has read my ebooks with interest and has already learned how to translate her dreams, and everybody else’s dreams too.

She was very excited about her ability. She told me that she had always had the desire to understand the meaning of her dreams and she was very happy to finally have discovered the right method of dream interpretation, which is so helpful for everyone.

However, her enthusiasm disappeared three days ago, when one of her friends told her that she saw in a dream that her husband was cheating on her. My student understood immediately that this was a true warning, but she had no courage to tell the truth to her friend.

She sent me a message telling me that she didn’t want to “destroy a family”, thinking that the translation of the bad dream would perhaps provoke the couple’s separation, and she didn’t know what to tell her friend, especially because the couple had a small child.

I told her to pretend that she was in her friend’s place and I asked her if she would prefer to continue being cheated on without understanding what was really happening with her relationship, or if it would be better for her to learn the truth and do something about it.

All dreams we see when we sleep have a protective character, even nightmares. The unconscious mind is always trying to show us the truth in order to protect us from all dangers.

If you ignore the truth and you learn suddenly something shocking, you may even suffer a heart attack, or worse…

I told her to tell her friend that she had to be patient and investigate the truth without being rude with her husband. She could save her marriage and have her husband back if she acted wisely.

Unfortunately the human being inherits many immoral and absurd tendencies in the wild part of his conscience, which is primitive and violent. This is why infidelity is a very common sin in our society…

If we want to prevent a divorce, we have to pay attention to all signs of cheating that appear in our relationship.

Therefore, if you believe that the person you love is cheating on you because you see that they stay alone a lot of the time, they are somehow distant with you, they talk too much on the phone (usually their cellular…), they hide their cellular from you, etc. you must not close your eyes before these signs just because you don’t want to face the truth.

You had better be prudent and care about facing what you dislike instead of avoiding it, because at a certain point you will be obliged to face the truth without a doubt, and things could be unbearable for you if you suddenly have to face a situation where you’ll be in the position of a very big victim…

The unconscious mind shows you everything you need to learn in your own dreams in order to prepare you for the truth, and in order to help you correct what is wrong before it is too late.

It would be very wise from your side if you were to keep a dream diary and learn how to translate your own dreams according to the scientific method like my student. This way you can prevent what is bad for you and change the future before this becomes impossible.

My student understood that in fact she was helping her friend very much by translating her dream for her, and opening her eyes. Now her friend is trying to recuperate her relationship with her husband instead of losing him forever, by not having had a chance to do something to keep him close to her.

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