Life Without Sex – Implications For Health.

Marriage carries a lot of suffering, but celibacy does not have any pleasure.
Samuel Johnson.

A person can live without food for six weeks, without water – for three days, and without sex? Someone will say: all life. Of course, lack of sex does not cause death. But there is also such a thing as quality of life.

How does abstinence influence on health? Some sexologists believe that if a person does not feel discomfort from lack of regular sex life, it is safe for health, others think – that problems may arise.

It is well-known fact that the celibacy does not improve nature. However, the man in the absence of intimate life does not behave better. The old maids grumble not because of lack of the second half, because a sexual hunger is poorly tolerated by those who previously tasted fully the joy of sex. The celibacy is the natural state for “blue stockings”. A bad temper – is not the consequence, but rather is the cause of loneliness. The ladies who had a full intimate life and it interrupted for some reason, forced abstinence is transferred in different ways. Sexologists note that in contrast to men, the peak of women’s sexuality comes later, in 35 years and that is why most women carry up abstinence rather easily till 30 years old. But after thirty the regular sexual life is necessary for women. The fact is that during sex she gets male sex hormones, which are necessary for a female body. Their shortage could affect adversely mood, subjecting a woman to irritability and depression.

It is common for women a voluntary renunciation of sex. For example, in the absence of a permanent partner, she does not want to “sleep with the first counter”. Men are irrelevant easier. In the absence of loved woman, a man driven by basic instinct goes to the unloved one. Yes, the abstinence among men is usually forced, for example, in the army. It is assumed that if women abstain – it is a danger to mental health, men’s – for a physical.

Thus, men who have abstinence may have disrupted erection, have problems with ejaculation. The consequences depend on the age of men and the duration of abstinence. In 20-25 years old it will be difficult for young man with strong sexual dominant to sustain even for two weeks without sex. After 35 years the interruption in sexual activity for several months can lead to problems with potency. But as a rule, when habitual sexual rhythm restores, it goes away. If the man is 40 years old, you may even need treatment of sexopathologist. In the age of 50 a break in two or three months could lead to a complete cessation of sexual activity.

However, you must not think that you should have sex all days because it is useful for health. This should be done not as often as you and your partner want. We know that regular sex – is an excellent prevention of prostatitis and gynecological diseases in women, because they often arise from the stagnation of blood in the pelvis. In the average a person aged younger 30 years old have sex 4-5 times a week, till 40 years – 3-4, up to 50 years – 2-3 times, but the frequency of sexual activity depends on the temperament and individual characteristics.

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2 thoughts on “Life Without Sex – Implications For Health.”

  1. I have tried to abstain from sex for a long time but I don’t know if there is any health implication

  2. My husband ad I hadn’t had sex in 45+ years. My husband thought it was gross, smelly, messy, pointless and meaningless. After our one and only sex encounter he went in the bathroom and threw up. He was not drunk or really had any thing to eat he just found the act of sex so inhuman and ugly that it made him sick.

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