Climacteric: Illness Or Offense?

Nowadays the problem of menopause is very relevant than ever. If in the distant past a woman lived an average of 45 years, this issue simply not had time to occur. Now the average life expectancy of women is about 80 years. Typically, menopause occurs at 48-50 years, it means that one third of her life a woman spends in menopause.

The topic of menopause hardly rises: an aging woman – is not the most interesting subject for conversation. Women do not want to recognize the approaching age; it is too boring for men to talk about it. Curiously, that any illness in our society – high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes … is perceived as a disease. Climax is perceived as an offense.

The neurologists even have such a joke: if you want a woman to be cured of neurosis, tell her that she has menopause, and she will stop complaining. And then there is the socio-psychological part of the problem: menopause – it’s shameful, indecent. So the problem of menopause is called tactfully the problems of adolescence.

The evolution of menopause.

Today almost everyone knows that the climax – it is tides, tearfulness, irritability, night sweats, palpitations … This group of disorders occurs when the formation of menopause is only just beginning.

This occurs most often in 45 years, when a woman simply fells bad, and according to her gynecological indicators she is healthy. Later it is developed sexual dysfunctions, urinary incontinence, dryness of skin, mucous membranes, hair loss … then hypertension, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis… And in such a way the condition deteriorates until deep memory impairment and even deeper psychological disorders. However, menopause may develop somewhat differently.

Nature protection.

If you look at the woman from the perspective of nature, the nature cherishes her, as woman fulfills her main mission – to bear children. By the way, it is noted that if a woman is mentally focused on the family, pays more attention in the soul it, she gets ill less. This is the main protection of nature, which is ensured by hormones. Estrogens – are hormones of the first phase of the cycle – provide the appearance of women, an emotional outburst, the brightness, colorful life. Women who have not enough these hormones, enjoy life less, they are less emotional, they have worse skin, hair. The main task of another hormone – progesterone – is providing of pregnancy. With its predominance in the organism, a woman feels peacefulness, tranquility, harmony. Before menopause, estrogens usually remain, but progesterone is low.

As a consequence – emotional outbursts, irritability, emotional imbalance, insufferable character … It is not difficult to imagine what happens if this woman – is a public person or a leader. Then, it is much easier to cure one person from the menopause, than a team from neurosis. But it is treated quite effectively. It is necessary to therapy in time that will help ovaries to work for additional five years.

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