Male Menopause And Its Symptoms.

What is male climacteric? Higher center of regulation of the male gonads (testicles) loses its sensitivity to testosterone in the testes are degenerative changes.

WHO defines male climacteric as later developed hypogonadism (lack of function of male reproductive glands).

Male menopause – is a normal physiological process of aging, if it is not accompanied by complaints and clinical manifestations. If there are complaints and changes in the cardiovascular and urogenital systems, menopause is abnormal. This condition is necessarily accompanied by psycho-neurotic disorders.

In addition to the general aging of the organism, causes of male menopause are inflammatory diseases of genital organs:

testicular tumor;
violation of the blood supply to the testicles;
ionizing radiation;
toxic substances in the workplace;
alcohol intoxication;
surgical castration.

If the male menopause occurs before 45 years, it is considered early, if after 60 years – later.

The symptoms of male menopause.

From the side of the cardiovascular system, male menopause is shown by heart rates, feelings of hot flushes with redness of the face, hands. You may experience dizziness with a sensation of impending loss of consciousness, a feeling of lack of air, darkening of the eyes. Having the emotional and physical loads, the palpitations, irregular heart rhythm, constant aching pain in the cardiac apex appear.

There are drops in blood pressure. Some patients have a persistent increase in blood pressure and hypertension.

There are changes on the electrocardiogram, which may require a careful examination of the patient to exclude more serious pathology of the heart.

Urinary organs of the male are closely associated with sex, so male menopause is often accompanied by disorders of the genitourinary system. First of all, it is reduced function of sexual organs.

90% of men have a violation and reduction of sexual desire (libido), decrease of the extent and frequency of erections, sexual weakness, and impotence. Potency may be reduced gradually – quiet extinction.

There are so-called exaltation option – an accelerated ejaculation and a shortening of the duration of sexual intercourse. And there is an agitated-neurasthenic option, when the extinction of sexual function is accompanied by brightly colored negative emotions.

The degree of manifestation of orgasm experiences is reduced. Along with these manifestations the volume of semen and sperm is reduced.

Almost always male menopause, as well as female, is accompanied by disturbances of the psycho-emotional sphere:

There is irritability over trifles, increased conflict by anxiety, fear;
Persistent headaches, dizziness, decreased memory, the ability to concentrate and maintain attention;
In some cases the excitation processes are dominated: hot temper, irritability, high blood pressure, in others there is a weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, weakening of memory;
Some patients have a latent or manifest depression.

In addition, male menopause is accompanied by various endocrine disorders.

Extinction function of the male sex glands leads to the decrease of male sex hormones in blood and there is a regression of secondary male sexual characteristics: flabby skin and muscles, the deposition of fatty tissue on the female type in the buttocks, thighs, it is possible glandular enlargement.

It is violated the functions of other endocrine organs: the work of thyroid gland decreases, there is (hypothyroidism, disrupted pancreatic and even diabetes may be.

All manifestations of menopause in different patients can be expressed in different ways, ranging from minor complaints to the rapid manifestation. Typically, male menopause lasts from 2 to 5 years, after which the complaints are gradually disappearing.

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