Norms And Deviations Of The Size Of Penis And Methods Of Its Enlargement

Presently known a set of studies conducted by scientists, who study and analyze the size of penis. The biggest and thorough study was conducted by Dr. Richard Edwards (Dr. Richard Edwards) from Canada in 1998, during which 3100 men of different ages were asked 43 different questions.

According to the research almost 90 % of men have a penis in length from 8 to 12 cm in relaxed state. Making of statistics on the size of the penis in relaxed state is relatively inaccurate because the size of the unexcited penis can change under the influence of temperature, mood and other factors.
Despite this, the size of the penis in erect state can be judged by the size of a relaxed penis. Small and not very thick penis in relaxed state and in a state of erection will be the same.

Most men have a normal size of a penis, but not everybody is quite satisfied with the size of a penis. The desire to increase the “average” penis is also normal, as well as a desire to increase muscle mass and gain new physical abilities. In different times many people attach great importance to the size of the penis. So in ancient Greece and Rome there were phallic worship, but a large and aesthetically perfect penis was a personification of man’s power, wealth, and might. Such beliefs and traditions are preserved in the minds of men till now.

Some men believe that their penis is far from an ideal existing in their minds, or compared with what they saw in magazines, in porn films or sports club in the locker room. Therefore it is not surprising that many modern men want more “representative” and bigger penis just in a relaxed state. A desire to increase the size of the penis in erection is most often defined by the desires of the sexual partner. After all, many women get the most pleasure during sexual contact from touching the penis to the cervix and prefer rather long phalluses.

So many men resort to such methods of penis enlargement as surgical intervention.
Plastic surgery for lengthening and thickening of the penis is an original surgical technology for lengthening of the penis by 2-4 cm due to its plastic ligaments and skin-fat flap.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The operation of lengthening can be complemented by the introduction of autologous fat in the body of the penis for the purpose of thickening the entire length.

Rehabilitation period is 2 weeks. During the rehabilitation period you will be closely observed by the surgeon, who provides for: dressings and routine inspections.
Operation intervention on increasing and thickening of the penis has no effect on erectile function. In case of disturbances of erectile function a man should refer to specialists: sexual pathologist, urologist, even before the operation on penis enlargement.

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