The Answers About Premature Menopause.

According to statistics menopause occurs in women an average in the age of 52 years old. However, there are cases when menstruation ceases in 38-40 years. This phenomenon is called premature menopause. What causes this disease?

Question number 1. What could be the cause of early menopause?

Early menopause has many causes. Early termination of menstruation in most women is bound to some stress factor – family bereavement, job loss, a hard operation. It may also be a consequence of genetically determined lack of activity of the ovaries, infectious diseases during puberty, immunologic diseases of the thyroid gland, obstructed labor, sepsis, severe surgical operations, and trauma.

Question number 2. What problems are women faced in early menopause? How it affects their health?

If the climacteric came early, accordingly, all negative aspects inherent in menopause also begin early. The skin structure changes, it becomes less elastic, and hair, nails change too. A woman can begin to gain weight, or conversely, to lose weight. The biochemical parameters of blood change too that contributes to the development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction. The state of bone tissue also changes: the process of reducing its density is accelerating.

Question number 3. What treatments are used in such cases?

Given the variety of changes in the body, treatment of early menopause – is a multidisciplinary problem and requires the participation of different specialists – a neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, or others. However, the most effective method of treatment is hormone replacement therapy, when the woman is prescribed the drugs, containing the ovarian hormones, which the body lost. Hormone therapy removes the climacteric syndrome: tides, hot flashes, mood instability, and warns all metabolic disorders that are associated with menopause – atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, urogenital disorders.

Previously, such a woman was prescribed symptomatic therapy for each item on each complaint, and the result it is a list of medicines.

With the help of hormone replacement it is offset the function the violation of which led to all this set of problems. That is this method treats not the symptoms, but the damaged mechanism.

Question number 4. What are the preventative measures of early menopause?

With regard to prevention, it would have to begin with the period of childbearing. All stressful external factors should be excluded; lifestyle of pregnant should be the most favorable.

We must try to ensure that the number of infectious diseases, which accounts for a year of life of a girl, will be minimal. To do this, you should temper the child, feed her properly. It is important to get up in time, go to sleep, eat rightly. It is extremely important the period of puberty. During this period, there is a hard work hard to establish links between the centers that regulate the function of a woman’s ovaries. Therefore it is necessary to minimize the possibility of stress.

Stress – is a state when a teenager, for example, is in a state of chronic fatigue, psychological tension from excessive loads.

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