The Rules Of Healthy Prostate.

I want to give you several advices how to keep you prostate healthy.

To protect. Now, of course, doctors treat everything, but after leaving the battlefield, insidious venereal infection may hide in the prostate. Developing imperceptibly there, it can cause chronic prostatitis, which will not manifest for several years, and then will acute in the most inopportune moment.

Not to super cool. Do not sit on a cold place, do not drink cold. With a low immunity a catarrhal infection gets into the prostate with blood. While the future impotents are plunking in a cold pool, go relax in the sauna – prostate loves heat.

Not to sit for a long time. Lack of motion leads to stagnation of blood in the vessels of the small pelvis. Besides, while sitting you push on the prostate all his weight that aggravates the situation. Move, do not miss a chance to disperse the blood. Jogging, swimming, simple charging or walking will suit.

To avoid constipation. When you heave strongly and often, abdominal pressure is increasing that leads to stagnation again. Eat plenty of plant foods, laxative, a good gastroenterologist – and everything will be fine.

Not to run mad after spices. This is spices, tobacco, and alcohol. All of them irritate the prostate, not to mention immunity. The prostate is closely linked to the nervous system. All that is bad in general, is bad for it. Here’s what it really loves – it is mild tomato sauce.

To have sex. It is clear that it is reluctant, it is clear that it is boring, but you have to force yourself. Prolonged abstinence leads to the so-called “Disease of seafarers” – stagnating secretions in the prostate.

The main thing in sex – is not the intensity, but regularity. Each man has his own. Once a day? Excellent. Once a week? Fine. And what if the woman left you? In general, you know what to do. Urologists welcome masturbation and advise to get pleasure from it.

But not to overdo. One night firework out of ten rounds will not hurt, but regular sex marathons can. Between ejaculations the prostate likes to relax at least 12 hours. And those who have normal intensity equal to five or more orgasms a day are treated by lie detector. Without anesthesia.

To start and finish. If you are often in a state of arousal without ejaculation, the prostate gland starts to lose the tone. Have you ever heard like milked cows are mooing? The prostate does the same, but we do not hear it. The more vigorously orgasm, the more it is released from the blood and juices. So do not delay ejaculation, do not play a love game for nothing and do not interrupt ejaculation.

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