The Symptoms Of Prostatitis.

Prostatitis – is a male disease and it is very popular. According to statistics, every fourth man once in his life had this diagnosis.

It is very easy to get ill prostatitis nowadays. Almost any damage to the body can cause inflammation of the prostate, i.e. prostatitis. Hypothermia, a sedentary lifestyle, infections, sexually transmitted diseases, unhealthy diet, and abstinence, overly zealous having sex… In general, as long as you live, prostatitis is waiting for you. This disease is veкy insidious.

Prostatitis can be of two types – infectious and stagnant. The first may occur because of any infectious disease – the most common because of venereal, although with a low immunity it may be enough a sore throat, tooth decay or mediocre cold.

Stagnant prostatitis – is a consequence of a weak outflow of blood and secretions from the prostate. A sedentary lifestyle, constipation, prolonged erection with no discharge – are typical causes of stagnation.

The symptoms of prostatitis.

Approximately in 25% of cases prostatitis goes to the chronic phase without any symptoms.

Symptoms appear later. Probably there is no another illness, the symptoms of which would be so bizarre and varied. From depression and headache to frequent urination and complete impotence – chronic prostatitis is proudly marching in internal organs and nervous system.

But not everything is so bad; prostatitis has an acute form, symptoms which cannot be confused with anything: frequent and difficult urinating, itching in the urethra, pain and discomfort in the scrotum or rectum.

Then it will be increase of the temperature, blood in the urine will appear. All the pleasures of the lower deck – urination, defecation, ejaculation – turn into pain, endless pain…

Acute prostatitis is withdrawn in a few days with antibiotics, but after three weeks of intensive therapy you can be cured completely. During this period you should refrain from all sharp and spicy, including sex. At one time it was believed that chronic prostatitis cannot be fully cured.

Modern medicine rejects this defeatist theory. But a lot depends on the patient – a discipline, procedures, proper nutrition and medication as a result do their job. Nowadays prostatitis is cured by different methods: electrical stimulation by modulated currents, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy, and microwave and laser therapy.

All these methods have proved themselves excellent, but the most popular still remains a good old finger massage of the prostate gland. No device will replace a stuck finger of urologist.

How is it diagnosed?

To set the correct diagnosis, it is used several techniques:
Prostate – is an internal organ, and the doctor cannot see it. Although the prostate is located behind the rectum, the doctor can find it with a finger, wearing a rubber glove, well greased with lubricant. This procedure is called simple-rectal finger examination. It allows the doctor to determine whether prostate is increased or not, whether it has nodules and other abnormalities.

Although anal introduction may cause some discomfort, finger study is absolutely safe and should not cause severe pain (of course, if there is no inflammation).

Rectal finger study is used to identify prostate cancer. In the early stages it is asymptomatic, but it is then the probability of cure is very high.

American Urological Association recommends undergoing this procedure annually to all men over 40, even if no symptoms.

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