Treatment Of Climacteric Tides.

“Tides” are called a sudden feeling of heat in the upper body, which is one of the major symptoms of menopause. To reduce the frequency and strength of tides doctors recommend correct the lifestyle and not too nervous about menopausal changes in the body, as well as undergo the course of hormonal or non-hormonal therapy.

Changing the lifestyle and habits.

To reduce the frequency and intensity of tides, doctors recommend a few lifestyle changes. First of all, you need to determine the factors affecting the frequency and force of the tides, and where possible try to exclude them. Such factors may include consumption of alcoholic beverages, coffee and beverages containing caffeine, sunbathes etc. Try to wear light and loose clothing and to eliminate from a diet fatty foods. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Stress at work and at home exacerbate the tides, so women of menopausal age should practice relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation designed to help relieve the stress.

Deep breath.

According to some studies, deep abdominal (diaphragmatic) breathing helps regulate the intensity of tides. Doctors recommend doing such breathing exercise: at least twice a day for fifteen- twenty minutes you must breathe at a frequency of six to eight breaths per minute.


Regular exercises (a half-hour workouts at least five times a week) help effectively control the frequency and intensity of tides. Rational physical activity lowers blood levels of certain hormones that affect the production by ovarian estrogen and progesterone.

If, despite all your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, not smoking and drinking, frequency and strength of the tides is not reduced, they interfere with your work and communicate normally with others, refer to a gynecologist – he always selects the appropriate treatment. Perhaps, in this case you should undergo the course of hormonal therapy. It is important to remember that the existing drugs do not cure tides, but only give temporary relief and reduce the unpleasant symptoms, reducing the frequency of the tides or their duration.

In some cases, the tides disappear during the process of treatment and reappear when you stop taking medication. This is explained by the fact that it is difficult to predict the duration of the tides and their intensity. To avoid the recurrence of the tides after the cessation of drug administration, a gynecologist may recommend a gradual reduction in dose that cease taking the medicine will be less noticeable to the organism.

Hormone therapy (estrogen reception).

In the absence of contraindications it is the most preferred form of treatment of tides. Hormone therapy does not give immediate effect; its effect appears only in a few months. There are several drugs on the basis of estrogen, from which a gynecologist will choose the most suitable for you, given into consideration the symptoms of menopause, other diseases and general health. Estrogen also reduces other symptoms and signs of menopause, including insomnia, dryness of the vagina, forgetfulness or inability to concentrate, and also helps eliminate the problems of the genitourinary system.

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