What Is Vaginismus? Its Forms.

Every woman is afraid to do “it” the first time. And if this is not the first? If already in the thousandth time, the fear of pain, embarrassment, discomfort persist, forcing to compress internally and bring almost to swoon? Here, according to specialists, there are all the reasons to speak about the disease, which currently affects about 3% of women.

The subconscious mind has on our lives far more influence than we think. Sometimes the person does not realize how much it can be strong impression left by some event. And it is unclear how this perception will affect his psyche in the future. “The skeleton in the closet”, carefully fostered by own fears and self-doubt, can turn into this monster that prevents a full, healthy and happy life.

“I madly fear intimacy with a man, because when attempting intercourse I feel terrible pain, reaching the cramps in my legs and even a brief loss of consciousness. The very idea of sex is unbearable for me. What is happening to me? Why cannot I feel like a complete woman? ”

The woman suffering from vaginismus describes her state in such a way.

The problem of vaginismus, according to experts, is psychological. Sometimes, of course, this reaction of the female body is caused by an improper structure of genital organs, various diseases of the reproductive system. But then the doctors classify it as pseudo vaginismus.

Most often vaginismus occurs in women with increased excitability, are prone to neurasthenia, obsessive-compulsive, suspicious, emotionally unstable. It was a woman who lived for 6 years in “virgin marriage” and did not have sexual intercourse with her husband. The woman told that when trying to commit a sexual act, she was hit by panic, accompanied by painful cramps. Either tranquilizers or alcohol do not help. There was no question about to refer to a specialist. In the end, her husband persuaded her to seek to the doctor. In a couple of months of psychotherapy and special methods of relaxation woman lost her fear.

Forms of vaginismus.

Sexologists distinguish several forms of female vaginismus.

The form of vaginismus, in which a woman experiences an insurmountable fear of sexual intimacy, is phobic one. A woman can aware perfectly well of the invalidity of her fear, could set herself to the positive, but, nevertheless, she cannot overcome it. Impatience and the demand of the partner “to relax and have fun” in this case only exacerbate her situation. The feeling of inferiority brings a woman to desperation and accelerated into new complexes.

The base of phobic vaginismus is a very strong link between fear and sexual intercourse. The ladies, in principle, prone to phobias tend to suffer this form of vaginismus. This is not only their fear. They may also be afraid of the dark, the sight of blood, and stories about the “nightmares” of defloration can cause them a real scare.

Another common form of vaginismus – is hysterical. Typically, hysterical vaginismus has directed nature reluctant to sexual intimacy with a particular partner. It can manifest itself consciously and unconsciously.

This could be a marriage with the unloved man, some qualities in the partner, which repel disgust and prevent a normal sexual life. Since the selectivity is the main motivation, hysterical vaginismus goes away with the change of sexual partner.

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