Prudent Diet For Busy Men

How do you feel in the middle of your working day? Do you feel tired or full of energy? If the first, here is the information about food and products which can help you have energy and be active.

Try to eat various products. Prudent diet will give you energy, because food is the fuel for a man’s body, and if you add to your diet food rich in energy, your internal engine will run at a full capacity. This means that you must have breakfast in the morning, every four or five hours have a meal or a snack and to choose the right products.

Buns. All the calories give energy, but the complex carbohydrates, such as those contained in the buns are very good source of the energy. Unlike carbohydrates and fats, proteins accumulate in the muscles and liver as glycogen, constantly available source of energy that our body can use if necessary. Buns gives a tremendous boost of energy and in the intervals between meals, nothing satisfies hunger better than baking. Complex carbohydrates split, penetrate into blood and raise the level of sugar in the blood – a source of energy for men’s cells.

Spinach. It is very rich in magnesium, which is not enough for men, especially those who are exposed to stress or high physical activity. Magnesium is a mineral that is required for muscle transformation of carbohydrates into usable energy. Specialists advise to eat spinach and other food rich in magnesium, so that your body gets the recommended dose. But at the same time they warn that abuse of minerals can lead to dangerous consequences.

Beans. Flabbiness, or “tired blood”, usually due to iron deficiency, especially for those who do not eat meat, exposed to high physical stress, or trying to lose weight. The best source of iron – is lean meat, but two or three servings of beans – black, red, or common white beans – may be a good replacement for it. Iron – is the basis of energy production. It is vital for the supply of organs and muscles by oxygen. The consequences of iron deficiency felt not only by those who are sick in anemia. Even a slight lack of iron is accompanied by the fatigue, decreased muscle tone and increasing the risk of colds. These symptoms can be eliminated by including into the diet of more beans or other protein-rich foods.

Fish. Carbohydrates – an excellent source of energy for men’s body. But when it comes to mental energy (the ability to think clearly), the excess of the carbohydrates with the absence of proteins can have sleeping effect. That is why fish is called the food for the brain. Protein-rich fish such as tuna and cod contains the amino acid tyrosine. Metabolized by the body, tyrosine is involved in the formation of the neurotransmitters of the dopamine. These natural brain stimulants exacerbate the susceptibility of your brain, helping, for example, concentrate in stressful situations.

Protein is also important to keep in good shape your muscles, without the required amount of protein your muscles can not recover quickly after exercise.

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