Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

The telephone rings, it’s your husband “Sorry honey, the boss asked me to stay late to work on his new project, so I won’t be home until late”.

Your wife tells you that she is going to go out “clubing” with her girl friends, “girls night out” she calls it, but you know most of your wife’s girlfriends and they have never have been “partiers” in the past.

All very innocent? Could be, but it could also be signs of a cheating spouse.

Listen Up and Pay Attention

Daily habits and routines, most of us have them whether we want to admit it or not. You probably know your spouse’s habits and routines even if you have been married a short time.

Do you notice a change in habits like your partner obsessing over how he/she looks, working late when the job never required it before or a change in sleeping habits such as sleeping in when they never did before? Little things, for sure, but they could be a sign of cheating.

Hiding Cell Phone Records

Your spouse not wanting you to hear their cell phone conversations on a regular basis or getting very quiet when you walk in could be a cheating sign.

If you are able to see your partner’s cell phone bill, look for numbers, that you don’t recognize, that are called a lot or that call into their phone frequently. These could be cheating signs.

Sex Life Changes

People who are having affairs frequently, without realizing it, change their sex habits. Cheaters will many times want more or less sex then they did before.

Letting Home Chores Go Undone

Home chores will be either ignored, done late or haphazardly. Letting home repairs or chores fall behind or not done at all when in the past your spouse was right on top if it, can be a strong sign that their attention is not in their home, it is somewhere else.

Concern About Computer Privacy

You and your mate have always shared a common computer log in. He or she has now set their own log in a password.

You also used to share an email, now your mate has their own.

Working Late Hours

Your spouses’s job never required working late hours and now it does. This could be a sign of cheating. Some jobs have changed recently and may require more time, however this is a very troubling sign that you may have a cheater.

By themselves, any of these signs individually can be quite innocent, people do change. But it could also mean that you have a cheating spouse.

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