5 Things To Talk About On First Date

If you are not good at starting a conversation with a total stranger or somebody you hardly know, making an exciting discussion on a blind date might be a problem for you. But fear not. It takes some easy tricks to get yourself and your potential partner talking when you go on your first date.

If you want the discussion to flow on your first date, it can help to prepare yourself. It does not mean that you have to memorize what you’ll say since that can get you into trouble if you forget your lines! Just having a couple of ideas up your sleeve for if and when the conversation falls dead is a really great idea. Need a variety of topics? We give you 5 topic ideas that you can talk about if you need to on your date:

1. Friends and Family

One thing is for sure, your date has stories to share either about family or friends. Ask open-ended questions like, ‘How often do you go out with your friends?’ or ‘Got any brothers or sisters?’. One rule of thumb, do not ask about your date’s parents. That is treading into risky waters and is best left for when you understand someone a little better. Frequently people have embarrassing family histories and so stay with safe talk for now.

2. Career

May it be running a big company or doing freelance gigs, a lot of people like to talk about what they do for a living. They say you can tell a lot about the person’s likes and dislikes by their vocation. Asking questions about someone’s type of work gives you hints on other subjects that individual would want to talk about. For instance, if that person works in TV production, you can lead the subject to TV shows you love or the newest hit TV series. Ask your date what are the pleasurable things about his or her work. Or even the not so nice aspects. Who hasn’t experienced working with a troublesome boss or an irritating co-worker?

3. Travel

This is an enjoyable subject. Ask your date her latest travel venture and it’ll bring about learning and telling of experiences. Keep in mind that the three best things to talk about travel are the sight, the taste and the feel. What are the tourist places one should not miss? What are the must-try dainties of the place? How does it feel being in that area? You might share the same opinions on these things.

4. What’s Hot and What is Not

Discuss the latest trends in pop culture, the latest gadgets or the latest news you have watched on TV. Chances are your date has something to say about it, except if your date is a total hermit. But even so, your date might also be impressed if you let them know something new that he or she has not heard of yet. If you’re careful not to sound arrogant, you can share what might be valuable information for your date. Now that’s a turn on!

5. Your date

Obviously, nothing is more intriguing than talking about oneself. That’s why social networks that allow you to update other people about what’s going on with yourself are so famous. Be the listener. Let your date do most of the talking. Be attentive to what your date is saying, and do not forget those understanding nods and eye-contact. Ask questions and do your share of talking, but give your date more talk time so he/she will feel that you’re engaged. Are you aware that being a good speaker lies heavily on the capability to listen?

If you’re still indecisive to go alone on a blind date for fear of not having the confidence to keep a discussion going, you can sign up for SimplyDinner.co.uk, a London Dating site, that can arrange a group dinner date consisting of 6 to 8 people. This way, you are unlikely to have first date jitters because there are other people on the group that will do the talking for you at times you cannot come up with something to say.

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