9 Rules For Online Dating Etiquette

Protocol should be followed in most human interactions, so it should not be a surprise that there are rules for good manners when you start dating online. Some people are aware of these rules and some do not obey them. These rules are suitable for people of all ages. Nonetheless, some are applicable for people who are 50 or older.

1. Women or men can begin a conversation
This can seem to be a barrier, but many women over the age of 50 would like that men begin communication. Some women can send a sign or flirt but wait for an answer from the man before answering to email. Often men of all ages start communications and women receive more messages than they can handle, thus clarifying the mistake of many women to respond.

2. Sometimes men do not answer to the first contact and this can be defined as impoliteness
Often as it has been said above, women have too much communication to answer to all of them. And sometimes either women or men look through
the profile of a person, send the letter and then they lose interest to continue conversation. As for me, I realized that I got answers to winks or emails only about 20%of the time; however, I was busy meeting women every week because people who answer wanted to meet me.

3. Corresponding with and meeting several people at one time are allowed. In ordinary dating, it can be thought hypocritical or egoistic to arrange several meetings at one time. When it comes to online dating, it assumed that every person see other possibilities until there is an agreement to be choosy. This sort of agreement should not be concluded before a few dates and it would be impolite for one party to want selectiveness before there has been many opportunities for everyone to get to know the other well.

4. Be careful with humor. Actually, make your correspondence positive and cheerful. Sometimes your humor can not be understood by some people and seem witty to others. Often your partner can be offended by your jokes. Sarcastic humor can also be perceived badly.

5. Be careful when using capital letters and it can be accepted as rudeness and shouting.

6. Refer to your partner’s profile when communicating.
Making cheerful notifications will show a person that you are interested in his or her personality and besides, it will enhance future communication. This also proves that you want to find out about them and do not talk only about yourself.

7. Do not be miser meeting somebody for a date in the restaurant
If you want to share the bill, then inform a person in advance. There were such cases when people arranged a date at the restaurant and one person did not order any food and drink to save money, which was perceived as rudeness.

8. Do not try to get to know addresses and try to kiss until the third date.
It is suggested for both to keep their anonymity until the third date. After three dates you will understand if there is a common interest in each other and affection. In this situation a woman can tell a man where she lives and let him take her to a date. A good night kiss is also a good beginning for the third date.

9. End relationships with a short and respectful email
When you have met once, do not end relationships with a person suddenly. Write a polite message. Even if you have met for three dates, you can still use email instead of breaking over the telephone. Do not send a long letter describing your feelings that will contain a long explanation.

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I would like to give some general tips. Everything is in your hands. Search Google and other search engines for women seeking men. Visit social networks and have a look on relevant topics. Go to the niche forums and participate in the online discussions. Use all the tools of today to get the details that you need.

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