A Good Relationship

First we must know the actual meaning of relationship. A relationship means a connection between two or more persons that can shares their ideas, feelings, beliefs and the like. You can’t establish relationships with everyone you meet and not have interactions with those people.

Relationships and communications are the important part of our life. It provides a particular meaning to our life. In theory no one can exist without at least one connection. In practically every person they need many connections. No one can survive without relationships on any stage they developed their relationship with many different people who deal with their day to day life.

To increase the relationship we need to give honest and sincere appreciation. Relationship is not only existing between husband & wife but also between parent & child, brother and sister, boyfriend & girlfriend, wholesaler and retailer etc.

e.g If you are a professional, you will have a professional relationship. If you are a business man then without Customer- Supplier relationship no business would survive. So many relations are established between women & men like mother and child, father & daughter, husband & wife, brother & sister etc. The success and long life relationships depends on different type of criteria such as trust, associated likes and common grounds of interests and sustainability. We can judge the importance of relationship this is depending upon the positivity or negativity with the relations. Every relation provides some benefits. Relationship may be long term or short term. You can have good relationships or bad relationships.

For e.g A marriage is a long term relationship and it may be called collaborative partnership. Two unknown people meet each other and then they live their whole life together without any condition and demand. This relationship may be called physical and emotional relationship between two people for their whole life.

Some relationships may be short term such as friendship between people who enjoy each other’s company on some activities but do not aspire to be long-term. Sometimes the relations may break. We all know some couples who seem so mismatched that they wonder how they ever got together, yet who have learned to enjoy each other and live together happily. In other ways, the couples seem so devoted to mutual punishment in their bad relationships that they wonder how they stay together. In such case they’re splitting up or getting a divorce.

Interpersonal relationships and communication is a two-way street, which needs to be clear on both ends. For making the strong and healthy relationship with partners & lovers, some qualities are required.

Trust is the most important factor to make a strong relationship. This trust can be between both sides. They should support each other. They should have some skills which help them to create a strong bonding with trust in relationships. They should have the listening and understanding capacity.

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