Enlargement Of Penis With The Help Of Surgery.

The most common way of lengthening the penis by surgery – is a dissection of the supporting ligaments of the penis. In this procedure man’s penis becomes longer just “pulled out” of his hidden in a human body part that creates the impression of its elongation.

The surgery gives lengthening of the penis by 2-3 cm

Use the system of stretching and massage immediately after surgery and in the next few months, you can length penis up to 6 cm (mean 5.4 cm). The surgery lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour and requires a stay in hospital for 1-2 days. After it a small scar in the pubic area is left.

For full men, extracting a certain amount of fat from the pubic area and gives an increase of the penis for a couple of centimeters.

Enlargement of the diameter of the penis is more complicated task than its elongation.

Injections of a variety of gels pastes, liquid paraffin under the skin of the penis, gives severe complications up to the loss of skin of the penis and even the ability to get an erection, if the gel gets into the erectile tissues. Such patients have to be operated to save the penis and the restoration of its functions.

Nowadays fairly effective surgical microsurgical techniques been developed and applied to increase the diameter of the penis based on the transfer of tissue (fat or muscle) from other parts of the body and placing them under the skin of the penis.

But before you dare to surgical penis enlargement, one should bear in mind the following.

• These operations are quite complicated, lengthy and expensive.
• They require stay in the hospital and careful postoperative medical supervision.
• There is a high likelihood of complications.

Whom to contact and what to beware if you decide to increase your penis

• Do not use questionable methods, and not resort to the advertised “old ways”, “100% of funds, services, and other traditional healers’ practices”;
• If you want to get real results, you should consult with a physician, professionally engaged in surgical and non-surgical methods of penis enlargement;
• Beware of those “experts” who will tell you only about the merits of the proposed method, and nothing about the shortcomings and possible complications;
• Never make a decision about surgery too quickly under the pressure of the doctor, especially if it is not known among patients and in professional circles as a highly qualified specialist in surgery of the penis. Think, evaluate the pros and cons;
• Be careful if before the operation you do not sign the Contract for the provision of medical services and informed consent. These documents must be settled all the details of the proposed treatment and subsequent relationship with the doctor and the medical institution;
• Remember that an increase in penis requires deep expertise, flawless surgical technique, careful observance of all technological steps in this process.

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