Erection! What You Should Know About It!

Unfortunately, almost every adult male from time to time to face difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection.

Possible causes of temporary erectile problems

Erection is the result of blood filling the cavernous and spongy body of penis. The process of filling with blood is regulated by the nervous system.

That is why erectile dysfunction may occur due to disorders of the nervous regulation and circulatory disorders of the penis.

The breach of innervations may be due to the following reasons:

• psychological
• anatomical and physiological reasons for erectile dysfunction
• Stress
• Tired, nervous or psychological strain.
• Excessive stimulation
• Feelings of guilt, inspired in childhood (adolescence), or the illegality of the relationship
• Anxiety, restlessness
• Anger and irritability.
• Monotonic in the long-term partnership.
• unattractive partner
Physical and physiological reasons for erectile dysfunction

• Injuries to the spinal cord
• Fracture of the pelvis and spine
• serious illnesses.
• Prolonged or excessive use of alcohol, alcoholism.
• Side effect of certain drugs or medications.
• Blood supply of the penis may be impaired in various vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension.
• In addition, inadequate erections or lack thereof, is chronic prostatitis – an inflammation of the prostate gland.
• aging men. In this case, a complex set of reasons: the nerve and vascular, and hormonal.
Several signs that indicate a possible psychological problem

• A man is able to achieve an erection with one partner or with masturbation, but not the other;
• He is experiencing severe stress;
• He already had depression or other mental disorders;
• There are no physical ailments – diabetes, heart disease, age-related changes and stuff.
How to prevent erectile dysfunction

• Sleep;
• Recreation;
• Good nutrition – food should be rich in proteins, micronutrients, vitamins, vegetable fats;
• Have sex only when you are on it, only in an intimate environment, and with sufficient time for this activity, so that nobody and nothing bother you;
• Do not drink too much alcohol;
• Do not overeat before having sex.

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