Essence And Causes Of The Prostatitis

It is no secret that every man feels confident only when he has full sexual function. If something is not so, many feel themselves defective and gain complexes. Life for them is ruined. Problems with sexual function are due to the primarily diseases of the prostate gland. They are subject to many men after 40 years. On television every day, we see ads of a miraculous cure, after the intake of which, the men will heal complete. But is it really so simple? Are these drugs really as miraculous as they say?

Prostatitis is a syndrome associated with an inflammation or infection in the prostate gland. The main symptoms of this disease are considered a violation of urination, pain in the perineum, pain during ejaculation. Prostatitis can be divided into inflammatory and infectious.

In the treatment of infectious prostatitis antibacterial medicines are necessary. They are prescribed by the doctor. But medical evidence shows that among the all cases of prostatitis infectious are only 10-15% of all cases. Others suffer from inflammatory prostatitis, which has no causative agent. The main cause of the inflammatory prostatitis is the wrong way of life. Urban men are particularly susceptible to it.

Doctors themselves often associate the development of inflammatory prostatitis with hypothermia of legs or back. But why prostate, but not pneumonia, for example? Inflammation – a reaction to the complex changes in it. The basis of all violations of the normal body is changing the microcirculation, i.e. passage of blood through the capillaries. Consequently, an inflammation of the prostate gland can be explained by the violation of its blood supply.

Blood vessels and microvessels – capillaries pass through the muscle tissue. The better the muscles work, the better the blood flow to organs and tissues. If the muscles are working little, the blood stagnates in the capillaries. There is stagnation – swelling, pain in the organs. In this case, the perineal region.

The prostate gland is located between the bladder and the urogenital diaphragm. Urogenital and pelvic diaphragm muscles are the pelvic cavity – the crotch. The prostate gland is surrounded by muscles from all sides. At least 28 different muscles are responsible for its circulation, directly or indirectly. These same muscles affect the quality of erection and ejaculation. So hypothermia has nothing to do with it.
But if the muscles work a little, for example, the pelvic floor muscles, then the capillaries are weak. We sit, stand and sit again. Nonperforming muscle atrophy, there is deterioration in circulatory organs. In this case – prostate gland, which needs regular supply of fresh blood.
By 40-50 years the person loses from 30% to 50% of the total muscle mass, mainly in the legs. In 20-30 years, prostatitis often infectious. In the 40-50 – the result of sedentary lifestyles. If you want to get rid of the prostate – squat every day, the more the better. It’s good to add exercises to the press.

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