Food, Useful For Work And Good Mood

The one who used to work hard at work and did not want to give up this silly habit, it is helpful to eat meat, cereals, and broccoli. The main thing to understand is the order.
Do you like to dine in the cafe? Then see what is put into your plate
If you are a workaholic, and sit and eat slowly for you is the worst of torture, try at least to make right menu. This not an extra measure will give you not only the charge of energy, but also give the necessary food for brain, and even save you from stress and ulcers.
There are not trifles in this case, so to think of ways of your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
For breakfast – porridge is the best
Studies show that a good breakfast improves performance by 30%. Therefore, if you have a hard day, do not forget in the morning to provide your body of stored energy. And best of its source is porridge.
Grains contain B vitamins, which enhance brain function and help to handle stress. In addition to cereals have the necessary brain complex carbohydrates. It is from them your brain gets glucose, which helps you to find a non-standard solution to the problem and to focus on something important.
And here is a classic English breakfast, which includes bacon and eggs, but it is better to cook it not often. Excess fat will negatively affect the health and the work of your brain.
At lunch – meat
Proteins are needed to brain no less than carbohydrates. Thanks to them, the hormone adrenaline and dopamine, are responsible for the reaction rate and stimulate thought processes. If you need to make decisions quickly (and correctly), without meat or fish you cannot do it.
Just try not to overeat. If you are eaten up, the blood rushes to the digestive organs to help them to cope with all this abundance. A brain at this time remains on a starvation diet. So, first of all, watch the portion sizes.
If you’re used to lunch in fast food snack bar, try as little as possible do harm to your health. To do this, pay more attention to what you order:
Pizza. Choose it in a thin pastry, best vegetarian with a minimum of ketchup and spices.
Potato with a filling. Take low-fat fillings such as cheese or herring in oil. Give up the mayonnaise and cheese sauce.
Hamburgers. You can order children’s portions and diet cola. Give up the dressing.
Hot dog. Ask the seller not to pour the sausage with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard – hot sauce is not good for your exhausted by dry food stomach.
For dinner it is good to eat vegetables and fruits, i.e. light food, so that your stomach will not be overburden.

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