Hair And The Sexuality Of The Men

The very definition of sexuality, says that people should be attractive to the opposite sex. Hair and sexuality is inextricably connected. The more luxuriant and beautiful hair has a candidate for the lovers, the more his chances of success with the opposite sex.
Weak and thin hair suggests that a person has something wrong with his health. Accordingly, treat it as a provider of genetic material for future offspring of the human brain declines. Accordingly, no mutual sympathy in this case arise. Therefore, if you’re still lonely, then perhaps you should pay attention to this connection: the hair, and sexuality.

Hair and sexuality – who wins

For centuries people have tried to influence their appearance in order to get under the current epoch in their definition of sexuality. However, not everybody could do it and not always. Therefore, many began to justify himself by inventing various myths of sexuality.

But, as practice shows, this does not help. A dear man, baldness is not a sign of sexuality. Treat hair loss and does not justify it by some mythical reasons.

Blonde nymphs also differ much from all the brown-haired women and brunettes. Girls, you have your own genotype, which does not accept the intervention on your part. When you change color of your hair to blonde, you do not become more sexually attractive. You just confuses card for a natural course of events. You know, what a joke – a man sees with the eyes, and analyzes with the receptors that tell him about otherwise. So it turns dissonance. It seems that a man sees before him attractive to him lady, but then it turns out that you are repulsive to him. Imagine how many families fall apart for this reason.

Hair loss and sex
It is no secret that a huge number of men at some stage in their lives begin to experience acute problems with the hair. They started balding. And the reason there may be quite different. Only on the fact cannot escape. Such a disease, such as alopecia areata, which causes the appearance of bald patches in males, most often directly related to the extinction of the sexual function.

That is, baldness and sex connected. You can view it from different aspects. Very often when the baldness only appears and sex of a man becomes more intense. He seemed to be trying to grasp the tail of the leaving youth. But it is not possible. The more intense his sexual life, the less hair left on his head.

If you look at hair loss and sex from a different point of view, it is possible to predict with accuracy the behavior of men in bed. According to medical records or a bald man cannot be a worthy partner in bed. This indicates the nature itself. The truth is that men get bald due to a lack of sexual hormones.

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