Healthy Food For Men To Be Healthy!

Man and women are different creatures. Some scientists even claim that they belong to different biological species. In our opinion, this is too much, but there are really enough differences.
We will not remind now about the features of male and female mind, male and female logic – let’s talk about nutrition.

The nature created a lot of food that are very useful and even necessary for men to feel always strong and vigorous, and of course, sexually active. We will tell you about some of them.

• Cottage cheese is useful to those men whose work involves heavy lifting, or athletes involved in power sports. Protein of fresh cottage cheese helps to build healthy muscle mass. Keep in mind that cheese is hard enough to digest, so it has it, along with herbs or fruit, no more than twice a week.

• Salmon is rich in protein and fatty acids necessary male body. Fish, like meat, it’s best to bake or cook on the grill – so it better to preserve all the nutrients.

• Beef tenderloin is also an excellent source of nutrition – protein and iron. Mature beef is healthier veal, and helps the body’s cells get more oxygen. It is better to eat meat roasted, boiled or steamed. Do not forget to add plenty of greens and herbs.

• Cabbage – saturating vegetable, and while it contains no calories, but contains many useful and nutrients. It will strengthen the immunity of a man helps fight free radicals, prevent prostate diseases. More often than our men will eat the cabbage dish the better. For them you can cook fairly simple and delicious – villager, salad, borscht, casseroles and pies with cabbage.

• Many men love dates, and it is not surprising. They are so useful, for example, for the athletes that they can replace a meal. Stands before a workout to eat 5.6 of these sweet and nutritious fruit, and the influx of energy provided. In Phoenicia a lot of carbohydrate, and they help the digestion of protein. Therefore, men just need dates.

• Another great fruit – pomegranate. It preventions cancer of the prostate, improves potency. And for men it is very important.

Nowadays more than 40% of men suffer from diseases of the sexual sphere. It brings a lot of suffering – both physical and psychological. Some natural substances have truly wonderful properties – for example, an extract of yohimbe bark. It only has not beneficial effects in inflammatory processes of the sexual sphere, but also normalizes blood circulation, leads to normal activities ganglion of spinal cord – those in which is the center responsible for erection. Yohimbe bark extract can help men stay strong, and sexually active.

In conclusion it should be mentioned that all the products that so important for man to be healthy , must be fresh and natural and not canned or packaged for long storage.

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