How To Keep Your Man’s Health Till The Old Age.

Do not try to go to bed with half of humanity

We will take for example Mao Zedong. He firmly believed in the Taoist teachings that man to reach immortality needs to go to be with a thousand virgins.. Perhaps, for the Taoists it was a poetic metaphor. However, Mao took everything literally and embodied this instruction to life with the young girls. Mao lived a long life till the age of 83, but in his last years women were used in an entirely different purpose: he put them around in bed to warm the old bones.

Why his penis stopped operating is not a mystery. As physicians joke, each new woman is a new prostatitis. We all have our individual park of microbes. If a couple has lived together, their microbes get used to each other and match each other.

Pay much attention to petting
In youth men are looking for pretty and silent lady. Reaction to women is instantly: look- excited. In older age other qualities of a girl friend is more important: her passionate temperament and sexual activity. Touched – responded.

Over the years, you begin to appreciate the partnership.

Studies have shown that women’s vagina that lacks petting allocates a substance, such as neuropeptine. It causes male impotence, though not instantaneously, but with time. So if you practice to have sex without petting it is the direct danger for your potency

Eat healthy and useful food

Sexual energy can be increased just by one bite. Miracle grass grows right beneath your feet. Ordinary parsley is very good for men. Both it and cilantro cause immediate guaranteed erection. But we must know when to stop..

In your daily diet unrefined carbohydrates and nuts should be present. A couple of times a week should pay tribute to the seafood (zinc and selenium).
Use this advice and you will be healthy and keep your potency till the very old age.

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