How To Kiss Without Frightening Her Away

When you kiss somebody, making a good impression is always a prerogative. You wouldn’t want your partner to start dreading you coming near her. Here are a few tips on how to kiss and make sure you give her something to tell. Kissing should not be limited to foreplay alone. It is an expression of your love for another one and can be indulged in at all times.

Remember that a man can get past a bad kiss and move on to more intimated things with a woman. But a woman can never get past a bad kiss. At least it is very difficult for her. After all, if a man can’t kiss well, can he really do better than that intimately?

The best thing to do when kissing is to be as natural as possible. Forget about your performance levels and the impression you are trying to make. This is just going to end up in a catastrophe. Just be natural and you will get the flow. Before you actually kiss someone, make sure that the urge to do so is mutual. There are several subtle ways of finding out if a girl is interested in you.

Once you are sure, go for it. Here are some things that you should keep in mind though. For starters, no drooling. Women find that disgusting. Don’t rigid with your lips. A girl needs to feel their softness. Also open up your lips a bit. Its really no fun trying to kiss a slit on a face.

Even though the best way to become a master in kissing is doing it with real people, this is not always possible. If you really feel you need practice and you do not have anyone to practice with, try kissing the back of your hand. You can imagine that you are kissing the girl of your dreams. Some people even try kissing themselves in mirrors.

The place you kiss in has to be romantic and intimate. Many find the movie theater to be one such place. Opt for couple seats at the back for your privacy. One of the best places to kiss is also after dropping a girl back home from a good date.

Do not keep your hands idle when you kiss. Caress your partner’s back or her face. You can also play with her hair, girls really like that. You don’t always have to use tongue when kissing your partner. Do so only if you are sure of what you are doing. French kissing can come later, when you know each other better, and you both are comfortable of doing it.

Here were some tips to get most out of your kissing experience. Especially, if you have never kissed anyone before, you should take these tips into a consideration.

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