How To Look Nice And Feel Healthy At Any Age. Tips For Men

It is wonderful, when everything is fine in a person: soul, character and clothes. So, your back: the men’s leather at much more densely and more roughly, than women’s. Therefore there are more pores which function actively 24 hours a day.
The fatter is leather, the more often they are blocked and covers with acne. These small dark points densely settle down on the person’s face. Their second favourite place is between shoulders. For them not to appear there you should use soap or a shower gel with antibacterial effect.

Two times a week use scrub: it will remove lifeless particles of leather.
Use a natural sponge or rigid massage mitten, and after a shower be vigorously pounded by a towel it will improve blood circulation.
Do sports, put on only those clothes which pass air well.
Just between shoulders at a pressure flows down most of all sweat which is a fine nutrient medium for the appearance of acne.
If to clean leather on a back – that only in a cabinet of the professional cosmetician.
Oils and fat lotions put on a body after a bath, benefit only to people with dry sensitive leather. If at you have fat leather, the only thing that will serve such nutritious top dressing – to reception of a plentiful crop of acne.

Ultra-violet lamps and solar beams dry and degrease leather. But if you will go too far in a dosage after pealing of sunburn acne will start to make multiple copies even more actively on pink after a recent burn leather. Use a cream with the ultra-violet filter.
Long hair on a back is really extra.
But it is even less aesthetically looks rigid dense stump which starts to make the way on your back already next day after you the first time have dared to shave it. If you do not like your hair on the back use special wax or an depilatory cream.
Otherwise to the general list of yours morning shaving duties it will be added also shaving of your own back.

To freshen the face, to improve a metabolism in leather it is necessary to remove weekly a layer of died skin cells. A peeling, or cleaning, it is possible to make very quickly (and it is cheap), having pounded on the face salt. It peals died cells from the leather then the person looks very fresh and clean.
But please do not do it after shaving! The regular peeling helps not only to give a face more healthy and fresh look, but also saves from occurrence of intergrown hair. More often the reason for intergrown of hair is too dense layer of already died leather.

If at the wings of your nose and to forehead you constantly have acne it means, you insufficiently well degrease leather. Wipe in the morning and in the evening problem zones with clearing lotion. Try to not creep especially on pure sites of leather which, probably, to the contrary, suffers from dryness and requires application of a nutritious cream.

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