How To Save Male Sexual Function For A Long Time

I will not say how sex is important for any healthy man, but sooner or later there comes a moment when there is a decrease of the potency. The most terrible, that recently in connection with the “unhealthy lifestyle”, this problem happens with men up to 30 years, though before this problem concerned only men of 40 – 50 years.

Newly-fledged sexologists will give you a bunch of useless advice (if you ask), will designate supplements and vitamins. And to solve the problem it is necessary, to retain maximum sexual activity. It is either simple and at the same time, the complex problem, so you need to solve this problem comprehensively.

Often, the man saw that the erection is reduced but he does not want to admit it even to himself, and is looking for justifiable reason of this problem. At about after 40 years (with individual variations) it has the organic nature (reduction in hormone levels, the deterioration of blood supply to reproductive organs, etc.). So that’s what I mean, the first thing to do is to recognize the fact of the problem and its inevitability. In other case if you ignore the problem can add also a psychological component to reduce the potency and erectile dysfunction, then the problem is much more difficult.

Let me be accused of immorality, but the first step to solving the problem should be to make a diagnosis, i.e. change a woman (even if you have a beloved wife).

If with another woman you have no problems, then just simply have to solve the problem of sex with your wife (to diversify your sexual life, to take a break try sex toys, etc.).

If you still have the problem with the other women, then you immediately have to face and solve this problem.

Again, it is important for you to realize that there is really such a problem of decrease of the potency and it is a natural process and with a correct approach it can be successfully solved. Many men make the mistake when they are avoiding sexual relations, justifying themselves (get tired at the work, go fishing, sit with friends, etc.). What is the danger of this? Well, if you behave like this and find pretexts, firstly your wife will surely find sex elsewhere and in general can leave you (in the worst case), and secondly a rare sex even more leads to a decrease in potency. The organism is so constituted that it is not working body undergoes dystrophic processes (including the hormonal system).

Thus, we can conclude that the first rule of maintaining of the potency – regular sexual relations. And the love of the woman will help you to go through this difficult time.

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