Is My Spouse Cheating On Me? Find Out Now

Do you worry and are uneasy when ever your spouse heads out the door with his or her friends for a night out? Your spouse never used to do this, it is something new and he or she is staying out later and later. You have to finally ask yourself “Is my spouse cheating on me?”.

You don’t want to deal with an unfaithful partner, especially if you have children. It is a threat to the family and financial security in a period of time that is scary at best for families and finances. Your mind is spinning but you keep coming back to “How dare my mate do this to our family and me?”.

You Need To Figure Out What Is Going On

Because of the stress from your mate cheating on you, all you want to do is strike out at them. This is understandable and normal. After all, your life partner may be having sex with someone else and they may be falling in love with that person.

But if you are able, try to be less emotional and more systematic to uncover evidence before you confront your spouse. There is always a possibility that you could be wrong and he or she isn’t cheating.

Check for these signs of cheating:

Oddly different behavior toward you recently? Has he or she become overly attentive to you, want to pick a fight over very small things or totally ignores you?
Is privacy becoming a big concern with your mate, including walking out of the room when speaking on their cell phone?
Is your spouse putting in late nights on the computer and recently set up a private log in for him or herself abandoning the shared one that you used to have?
Is your spouse on a crash diet and obsessing over their appearence?
Is your mate heading off the mail so that you can’t see the credit cards or bank statements or have your noticed extra amount of money being withdrawn at ATMs from your joint account?
Did you stumble accidentally on grooming products and a complete change of clothes for your mate in the trunk of your car?

These are some of the signs that you might have a spouse that is a cheater.

Here Are Some Options For You

This is the part that gets hard. Do you want to save your marriage if the problems can be worked out, especially if the affair is a mere fling or do you want a divorce?. Think about these options that you have.

Hiring a private investigator is an option. Expensive and you would probably only do this if you want a divorce. If you are moving toward a divorce, you will need a good divorce lawyer, also expensive.
If you want to try and save your marriage and you think that you can, you will need to get the facts, confront your mate and see if he or she wants to try to save the marriage. In which case you will probably need a good marriage counselor to find out what is wrong with the marriage as most unfaithfulness is caused by dissatisfaction with something in the marriage.

This is a quick look at a very serious and potentially devastating situation to your relationship and your family. If you can, try to approach this in a measured manner as the future and well being of both you and your family may depend on it.

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