It’s Never Too Late For Love

It was over half a century ever since Mary Simpson and George Blake had last seen each other. This had been in 1956 when they were both 18 and resided in the same neighbourhood.

“I remember exactly when I last saw George”, recalls Mary, now 71. “It was in our village library. I had always had a bit of an eye for him, but I don’t think he even realized I existed back then. Soon after that he moved away and that was the last I heard about him.”

Then in March 2009, by the most extraordinary twist of fate, Mary was again in her hometown library, even more strangely returning a romantic novel about two childhood sweethearts who got separated and then reunited years later, when she saw someone that really made her sit down in shock.

Standing several feet away, looking into a shelf of books, was the unmistakable tall frame of her once fancy, none other than George. “I recognized it was him instantly”, she claims. “He hadn’t changed a bit in all those years, still the good looking and striking man that I had never forgotten.”

When George turned round and observed Mary seated looking at him in surprised disbelief, much to her surprise and joy, he also knew exactly who she was. “I used to see Mary around our village when I was a teenager but in no way had the courage to speak to her, she was also such a beauty and the years have been so kind to her. I couldn’t believe it when I saw her there”.

George and Mary finally got over their surprise and eventually struck up a conversation. A bit over 6 months after and they have spent almost everyday together since, absorbed in a romance that destiny had kept from them for over fifty years, but now they say will never separate them.

Age does not matter in love, as the saying goes. Regardless of how young or how old you are; once the arrow of love hits you, there is no holding back. Just like what occured on the above story, Mary and George’s age did not hinder them from starting the love that was supposed to have started before. This also shows us that even men and women as old as them can feel the same feeling of being in love like that of a young individual. But don’t let it happen that you have to wait to grow old before you find the right one for you.

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