Making The First Kiss A Memory

One can forget their first love and of course their first kiss. These are memories that will remain with you for the rest of your life. It of course matters therefore that you make them memories to last a life time. If you have wondered how to kiss for the first time, here is how to make sure that you have a good memory after that kiss.

You have to make sure you are kissing the right person. He or she should be someone you are comfortable with and someone you feel is very special. Do you think that they feel the same way about you? Is spending time with them the only thing you could ask for? Then probably you have chosen the right person to kiss.

Don’t worry too much if this is the first time you are going to kiss. It is not a competition and in all probability, your partner will be as nervous as you are. Being tense can only spoil the moment.

Select a nice place for your first kiss to happen. Try and make it as romantic as possible. The ambience should suit your purpose to a T. It is a good ambience that actually heightens the pleasure of a kiss. Having dim lights and soft music play in the background can only add to the romantic factor.

Your timing has to be impeccable. Often this is when you are sitting close to each other and the intimacy is palpable. You will find a silence sets in when you both are looking into each other’s eyes. There cannot be a more perfect moment than that.

Just before you kiss, you need to make sure that your partner is ready for it. Asking is really tacky. Instead, lean in a bit closer than normal and see how she reacts. If she backs off, its better you do too. If not, it is your sign that she is as willing as you are.

A lot of eye contact needs to be maintained. Small things that matter at this point are personal grooming and how you smell. Avoid beer and garlic type of foods before an intimate kiss. Make sure you have time to take a shower before you meet the person you are about to kiss.

Begin your kiss softly and be gentle. Hold your partner lightly. If you are unsure of how much is too much, begin with a soft brush of the lips and then proceed based on your partner’s reaction.

After the kiss, hold your partner for some time. Women especially enjoy this intimacy. See where you partner wants to take it from there. If he or she wants to kiss you again (or do something more intimate…) you can congratulate yourself. Well done! Next time it will be much easier, and even more pleasurable.

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