Man And Carbohydrates: The War With Obesity

Simple carbohydrates will not do anything but obesity and lack of vitamins. But the complex will give you strength, energy, vitality, and satiate useful “ballast.”
Do not want cake? That’s right, you need only complex carbohydrates.
Among the nutrients carbohydrates have the most controversial reputation.
On the one hand – this is the main source of energy for the whole organism. On the other – the main reason for weight gain. That’s because carbohydrates – are not the alike, but even very different.
Those that have a simple composition, really contribute to obesity. But the complex carbohydrates make us more energetic, fitter, smarter and healthier.
Norm and all
Carbohydrate content in the daily diet of people of any age should be 60% of total calories. And if you focus on weight, then they should not be more than 300-350 grams per day (for athletes – a little higher).

But often, deciding to lose weight, people first of all completely abandon carbohydrates and keep, for example, a pure protein diet. And this measure is usually not justified.

Firstly, because the energy value of 1 g protein, and the same quantity of carbohydrates is the same – about 4 kcal. And secondly, the shortage of carbohydrates is just dangerous for the body. If you reduce their quantity to 50-60 grams per day and below, to form the vital energy the body starts using fat reserves and protein from its own tissues.

However, such a danger is threatening only to fans of the radical diets. And most of us should avoid not lack but much quantity of the carbohydrates. Moreover, not all, but simple carbohydrates .
Different carbohydrates
“Harmful” (simple) carbohydrates, you will find in a bakery and pasta products, sugar, ice cream, milk, soft drinks and alcohol. And yet – in a refined glazed flakes, white rice and potatoes.
Their quantity in the nutrition should not exceed 10-15% of carbohydrates, i.e .30-40 grams per day. The propensity to obesity is down to 5-10%. To sweeten your life is better with honey. Despite the fact that it consists of simple carbohydrates (glucose, fructose and sucrose) in it, unlike sugar, has a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals.
When to eat them
There is one prescription here: it is better to take carbohydrates in the first half of the day.
Studies conducted for two years, which were attended by over 100 people showed that those, who ate it all the time “that will” always gets better. Those that do not do lunch, have gathered even more weight, but also got hold of digestive problems. And fans of the “useful” carbohydrates kept the health and lean male figures.

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