Men’s Health: Zinc Comes To The Aid!

Ancient Egyptians knew many secrets of the beauty and longevity, as well as recipes for drugs that quickly heal the wounds. Moreover, the composition of these drugs included … zinc. Yes, yes, that very zinc, which is so necessary to our organism. This element is found in all cells and organs, but (as for the zinc content) “leaders” are the endocrine glands – hypophysis and pancreas, as well as the male sex gland.

Coming to our body, zinc is absorbed in the small intestine, and then gets into the liver and from there to all the necessary organs. This element affects the basic processes of life: blood, reproduction, growth and development, etc.

Zinc stimulating the hormonal activity of the pituitary, promotes the growth of the organism and an increase in the body weight. Zinc deficiency in the body, respectively, is leading to the stunted growth and reduced body weight.

But not everyone knows that zinc – is a kind of the “male” mineral. After all, zinc promotes the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (the one that stimulates the development of seminiferous tubules and spermatogenesis in men) and, thus, actively affects the reproductive function of the men. Zinc, incidentally, is used as first aid for the male’s infertility.
More recently, the scientists have come to another very interesting conclusion: Zinc – is a real mineral of the sobriety. It has revealed that zinc is a part of a special enzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase) which is responsible for the splitting of alcohol intoxication and warning of the alcoholic intoxication. If the body is provided daily rate of zinc, the effectiveness of the enzyme increases, and the risk of alcoholism is reduced. In a word, zinc – is the real “enemy” of the alcohol abuse.

However zinc also has its “enemies”. Thus, dairy products reduce absorption of zinc and caffeine and alcohol remove it from the body.

Stress and unbalanced diets also significantly reduce the stocks of zinc in the body (such as depression and apathy, by the way, some of the earliest manifestations of the zinc deficiency in the body).

Daily requirement of zinc for adults is 0.2 mg per 1 kg of the body weight, and for a teenager – not less than 0.3 mg per 1 kg of the body weight.

It turned out that most amount of zinc is found in oysters (about 270 mg / kg). It is obvious, that such refreshments, rich in zinc is available not for everyone. This, however, is not so scary, because there are many familiar food products, which include zinc: fish, beef, walnuts and pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, eggs and other products. Nature, as we see, took care of us. And we can only review our diet so as not to interfere with zinc deficiency in practice.

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