Online Dating Scam – Are You Next?

The internet is a fantastic creation. It makes our life much easier. The best thing about the internet is that you can find just about anything online – including romance. Unfortunately, you can also find con artists who are looking to rip you off or harm you physically, especially in the world of online dating. With the internet it’s faster to find a relationship. Chat rooms, social networking sites, and online dating services offer us the chance to find that perfect someone without having to endure the dating scene. Unfortunately this convenience comes with a price. Many scamers use online dating for fraud. But you can see signs that She is a fraud.

The increasing popularity of online dating coupled by the anonymity has led to an increase in Internet dating scams. It is terrible enough to rip an already lonely heart – but to rip the heart as well as owner’s bank account? Talk of extreme brutality, and yes, heartlessness.

Usually the scams are from people who live far away, usually in another country. The most common one is Russian/Asia mail-order bride scam. This one targets people from first world countries (the USA being prime target). Fraudsters use online dating to steal money directly from their victims. Once a scamer has gained their trust, he creates a situation that requires the victim to send him money. This is often in the form of travel expenses, medical bills, or even bail. Usually, once the money has been sent, the scamer disappears. At times , scam artists will continue to bilk a victim over and over again, continuing until the trust has been over .

Most international Internet dating scams start with the man being contacted by an attractive young woman. Often, the man is much older than the woman. The scammer is counting on such a man being green due to being flattered by the thought of a young pretty woman showing interest in him.

After a few emails, the woman claims to be in love with the man, and wants to join him in his country. She requests money for a passport, visa, air ticket and traveling expenses (at the same time or in stages). She suggests wire money transfer or other irreversible means of sending out money.

Once the man sends the money, two things may happen. The woman might only disappear. Or there might be a family “tragedy” for which she needs extra cash from the hapless man. She might also claim to be held an airport happen for various reasons. The target is to milk as much money as possible out of the poor guy.

This type of scam is typically carried out by Asian men or syndicates who hire women (for very minimal fees) to use there profiles and pick the money up for them.

How do you protect yourself from these or other types of Internet scams? There are no guarantees, just as you don’t have a guarantee of not getting in an accident because you are a careful driver. But you can minimize the risk, or become a hard target (scammers are lazy people and will go for the easiest target).

1. Frist, only sign up with a reputable dating site. A paid site is always safer as one is required to use a credit card, which can be traced back to the proprietor . Of course there is the possibility of someone using a stolen credit card, but the risk is minimum compared to a free site or chat room.

2. Beware of someone who claims to fall in love with you after just a few emails. Start by being skeptical.

3. Never send money to a stranger in another country. Heck, never send money to a stranger in your own country (duh!).

4. Do not give out personal details such as home address, phone number, bank account, real email, or credit card number. Do not even give out your real name until you are sure the person is for real, and certainly not after two or three emails.

5. Do not deposit a money order from your “date” in your bank account. If you do, wait a couple of weeks to make sure it’s not false . Better still, wait for the money order to clear before forwarding the money.

6. Ask for more than one photograph. A scam artist from, say Nigeria, would usually have a difficult time faking more than one photograph. Also, ask lots of specific questions. If you sense discomfort or vagueness on the other end, cut the relationship.

7. Follow your guts. If something feels wrong, it probably is. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Can you think of get ex boyfriend back , but do not let bad apples stop you from finding love online. Many people have found happy, lasting relationships with local or foreign partners they met on the web. Just be careful because there are many schemes on the Internet. Online dating can be safe if you take reasonable precautions.

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