Penis In Full Length. What’s The Problem?

When a woman chooses a man, her instinctive criteria are his appearance, his communication skills, his ability to achieve the goal.. Women are by nature chooses a partner responsibly – depends on the preservation of the human species. She needs a wide choice – more it variously, the greater its capacity to combine their genes with genes of high quality. The status of women in the group strongly influences what a number of proposals from men she receives or may receive.

In turn, a woman appreciates the ability of a man to interact with her right, including through the penis. A woman is satisfied not with the penis in full growth, but with a full understanding of her man. Your penis may become worthy of the geometric parameters, almost without your involvement, if you’re still young. You can refine the parameters of your penis by means of special technology, if you are an adult so decide. But the ability to be elected and be worthy sexual partner will not come by itself – and you have to work on it.

You can start right now, no matter how old you are and how you live (if you’re reading this article – you have plenty of motivation for self-improvement). Your effort makes sense to focus on already well-known areas – to improve self-esteem, build quality, improving your competitiveness in the group, to develop the ability to set goals, resistance to failure, perseverance, and to improve your appearance, to acquire good habits in communion.

Penis, penis – in Latin, penis – “tail”, and this “tail” nature has placed so that you often look at it. You touch it on various occasions, day and night. And if you are old enough then you touch it with another person – woman, when you come into sexual relationship with her.

In the sexual act penis being raised, it increases due to the fact that, according to the laws of nature – the blood boils and rushes to the south and fills h tissue and muscles wit all necessary for sexual intercourse.

Animals have little interest in his penis, and use it for two purposes: to free from waste material – for the continuation of life, and to convey accumulated material – for procreation.

The man interests more about his penis. Especially men, who are concerned about the size of it.
Penis size varies, as the height of the man. The main indicator for determining the size of the penis is its size during erection.
Penises can be divided according to different criteria:
– Statistical indicators – small, large, medium;
– The proportions of growth – the length of the penis – 10% of the growth of male.

Due to the fact that the size of the penis is erect fluctuate in fairly wide amplitude, the results of studies determined the average size of the penis. Penis sizes are divided into penis of small, medium and large sizes.

According to various studies, the average sizes of the penis in erect state are 15-18cm in length i13sm in girth. Penis whose length is less than 15cm is considered small, and the penis is longer than 18 cm is considered large.

Most of the penis of men (70%), during erection has a length of more than 15cm!

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