Premature Ejaculation. Ways To Avoid It.

Ejaculation (ejaculation) – is a complex reflex act, which results in the release of semen during sexual arousal.

A lot of men believe that they reach this point very quickly. They think that postponing the moment of ejaculation, at least for a few minutes, could get much more pleasure, and that it would be easier to achieve orgasm for women.

However, there is no absolute criterion of duration of sexual intercourse. And often meet women depends not only on the duration of frictions, but from its excitement and preparation.

There is primary and secondary premature ejaculation.

Primary premature ejaculation occurs with the onset of sexual activity and is usually caused by psychological reasons and increased sexual excitability. Almost all the men there do not have control over ejaculation, when they just begin sexual activity or during a strong sexual arousal in new sexual relationships.

Secondary premature ejaculation is developing as a result of inflammatory diseases of the prostate, urethra, spermatic tubercle, prostate adenoma, erectile dysfunction, which lead to many changes in the central nervous system, as well as to improve the sensitivity of receptors of internal genital organs.

How to prevent premature ejaculation

• Relatively simple method – wait 15-30 minutes after ejaculation, and then repeat the sexual act. At this time the threshold of ejaculation increase and intercourse to last longer. This method is particularly effective for primary premature ejaculation, especially when a man lacks sexual experience;
• There are medicated drugs, creams and ointments, which are called prolongator of intercourse. They are aimed to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, leading to an increase in time before ejaculation;
• There is a technique of “compression”. The essence of which consists in the fact that the woman squeezes vagina to postpone ejaculation, when a man feels it coming

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