Several Methods Of Penis Enlargement.

Each man wants to be proud of his penis. And it is a very important question in the life of every man. There are several methods of penis enlargements. As not all men are happy about their penis.

One of the methods is to use extenders for penis enlargement.
If you combine it with massage this method of increasing works very well.

Extender is a device that serves to stretch the penis

The main idea of an extender is to provide long-term effects of stretching on the penis. In order to achieve noticeable results should be an extender for several hours a day for several months. Penis enlargement in this case occurs mainly in length, but combining wearing the extender with the program for penis enlargement is possible to achieve good results in an increase in thickness!

It should be noted that the method of penis enlargement using an extender does not suit everyone because of the relatively high cost of such devices. Price of an extender depends on the company and country of origin, the quality of the device and its easiness of use – it varies from $ 200-300.

Do not rush to buy first the extender you see on the cheapest price. Typically, these extenders are not very comfortable to wear and when wearing problems can take a lot of time to solve.

One of the good extenders is Jes-extender. It is a quality device made of metal and plastic with a silicone harness for securing the head of penis. Silicon burning is the most convenient and safe for capturing and holding the head. With the help of special metal rods with springs inside you can adjust the tension force, which value is measured by a special label, located at the base. The kit also includes additional metal rods to adjust the length of tension penis. Manufacturers claim that wearing such a device every day from 4 to 10 hours you can increase the penis by an average of +0.5 cm in the month.

The other known method of penis enlargement is vacuum pump. Usually Vacuum pump penis enhancement consists of a glass flask (vessel) in which using the blower creates a discharged pressure.

The idea of the pumps is to create a rarefied pressure inside the vessel, thereby causing the penis to expand.

For the first, this method is traumatically dangerous. A very strong pumping air can damage the capillaries and blood vessels in the penis, which has a negative or even could affect its work badly.

For the second, the result of such pumps is short. After the exercises patients usually notice a slight increase in penile volume (literally 1-2 mm), but in two hours there is no result. Thus, to achieve the result a person must do this for hours every day for several months.

For the third, these pumps are about $ 100-300 depending on the manufacturer and functionality.

So we cannot say that it is the best method of enlargement. But you may use it if you wish.

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