Size Of The Penis- Does Not Matter?!

It is known that many men are concerned about the size of their penis. More precisely, their awful worries follow with the question: “What is my penis in the comparison with those that the others men have?” Interest in the size of the penis is composed of several different factors.

Firstly, it is the anxiety about being “normal”, i.e. no worse than any other.
Secondly, the insistence to be adequate in sexual terms. It is considered that “the bigger penis is the better.” Widespread is the belief that the big penis gives women more pleasure. In fact the size of the penis does not have a substantial physiological importance (although it may have positive or negative psychological impact); since the vagina adapts its size equally well to a penis of a large or small diameter.

Thirdly, the desire to have a big penis is often due solely by ambition.
Finally, some men think that a big penis makes them more attractive sexually. All this applies equally to heterosexual, and to homosexuals.

In the media (especially in books with erotic content, magazines for men and in the movies) is practiced the image of the man’s genitals are much larger than their natural size. This distortion in the first place, reflects the victory of dreams over reality, and secondly, showcases photography and cinematography. Readers-men must also remember that your own penis seem shorter than they (because of the angle of view) than the penises of other men they see in the locker room or on the screen.
Relatively recently, a group of Canadian researchers were studying the psychological impact of increasing the size of the penis on sexual stimulation. They found that reading erotic passages which operated with the size of the penis, did not affect the students’ level of arousal neither male nor female. Thus, it was concluded that “the importance of the size of the penis so little on a psychological level, as, apparently, and the physiological.”

It is known the rare occasions when the male penis has a normal structure, but the miniature size, not reaching a length of 2 cm – the so-called micropenis. Occasionally, this anomaly is caused by the testosterone deficiency and is quite treatable. In other cases, no pills, no creams, no pills or hypnosis is not effective, although newspapers and magazines are filled with such ads for similar ways of “curing”.

Men, who are heavily preoccupied with the size of his penis, the occurrence of sexual difficulties is more likely than those for whom this issue is not very exciting. The degree of difficulty, ranging from complete denial of sexual relations, out of fear does not justify the expectations of partners, to the constant fear as to achieve an erection or keep it.

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