Some Information To Keep Men’s Hair Looks Nice.

This article will tell you how to be attractive in any age and how to care about yourself and look nice all the time. Sometimes men do not think how they look. But if you want to look nice and attractive you need to know some useful tips.

Types of Hair :

Oily hair. Increased activity of the sebaceous glands leads to the fact that hair looks greasy and unkempt. In this case the head should be washed every day, so as fat collects a large amount of dirt and dust. Oily hair does not suit too strong non-alkaline shampoo, and after washing, they should be rinsed with a weak solution of vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic medium to restore acid-alkaline balance. With oily hair is not always oily skin, but most often it is.
Normal hair. Shiny and healthy hair – is the result of a balanced work the entire body. Such hair needs a good wash in a regular shampoo.
Dry hair. Dry hair – thin, brittle and split at the tips. Activity of the sebaceous glands is low, and natural lubrication is not enough to ensure that hair elastic. Often they do not need to wash, but it is useful to massage your scalp regularly use conditioner rinse.
for hair care:
Means to care about your hair.
Shampoos. This is a detergent with a neutral or slightly acidic pH (as opposed to the alkali soap). In addition to the wash, shampoo is capable of solving specific problems, such as getting rid of dandruff. Cationic additives in shampoo are positively charged ions, which require weak, depleted hair. All shampoos should be thoroughly washed off the hair.

Hair conditioner. They are used to make hair silky, preventing their entanglement. They represent the emulsion of oil / water from a fatty core framework, a thickener and conditioning additives (silicon, chloride-ammonium salts of fatty acids or aromatic radicals, jojoba oil, avocado, olive). Typically, air conditioners should be carefully washed off the hair after application, otherwise the hair will have greasy look. Roots of the hair in fact, do not need conditioner. You should apply conditioner only to the ends of the hair.

Medical-prevention lotions. They are applied to the washed and dry hair and not wash off. In the lotion contains 45% alcohol, and special additives: ammonium salts, cationic additives to reduce electrostatic hair, derivatives of silicones for easy combing, nutrients and vitamins, essential oils and aromatic fragrances.

Balsam. Balsam performs several functions: moistens the hair and makes them shine, softening the keratin scales, neutralizes static electricity and makes hair manageable, nourishes the hair and their roots. Balms with curative effects and the warm oil wrap – is an effective means to restore hair after a stay in the sun. Apply to the hair after shampooing.

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