Some Methods Of Increasing Penis

Non surgical methods

1. Vacuum Tumblers

In penis under the influence of pressure difference to actively open and filled with the blood of a large number of tiny capillaries, is a powerful effect on the peripheral circulation, and regional lymph fluid motion.

It in turn causes changes in oxygen transport and metabolism, improves functions of plasma membranes in interchannel spaces, activates the reverse effect on the bioenergetic processes and metabolism in tissues. Included in the circulation a large quantity of not functioning capillaries, disposed of degenerative changes in the cavernous bodies of the penis.

In the result of this kind of functional “flow” revived all the multilevel structure of the interacting centers.

The enlargement of penis in thickness occurs due to increase elasticity of blood vessels and the maximum blood flow to the penis during erection.

Not depending on the mechanism of the device, creates a vacuum in the flask, the principle of the tumbler does not change.

2. Contracting therapy, Penis ring

Penis rings can maintain a strong erection and cause an increase in the corpora cavernosa, and hence the size of the penis. Effect is not permanent.

3. The method of stretching and massage

Penis – is attached to the sitting bones by several ligaments. His “work” part is only two-thirds of the total length, and the rest is hidden in the ligamentous apparatus and adipose tissue pubis. For extending the most commonly used these back centimeters.

Ligamentous gradually stretched with the goods or massage, and “working part” of a member is extended. This method is one of the oldest known to man. It is found in dozens of different cultures around the world. The minimum term of manipulation varies from 3 to 6 months. The maximum possible lengthening of the penis, which is reached after 6 months of 5 cm, but in the middle and often lengthening is possible only at 2.8 cm

Massage not only helps the stretching, but also promotes blood flow to the penis increases erections and increases the corpora cavernosa, and hence the size of the penis.

4. Drugs, medicines, creams, ointments

Influence of various drugs, ointments and creams aimed at increasing blood flow to the genitals of men. As a consequence, increases the length and diameter of the penis. And although their effect has short-term effect, though with regular use (6 months) and in combination with other agents, they help to increase the penis for a couple of centimeters.

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