Some Simple Rules For Your Potency.

Many men keep their sexual habits till old age. And have sex at least once a week.
What is their secret? Observe the five simple rules and you can do the same.

Do not take breaks
It turns out that a person can be leaned off from sex! Switch to sports, work, watching the lives of fish in an aquarium and gradually forget the difference between the bright joy running a long distance and short sprint in bed with a girlfriend. Instinct is subject to human will – and here at the behest of the brain testosterone decreases, a person has less and less of a desire, and soon the bed is only associated for you with one word – to sleep. At risk: shy young man who exchanged real life on the Internet, thirty careerists who postponed personal affairs for the sake of business, and divorced men over forty.
Sure forced abstinence is known to almost every one. Military service, travel, work shifts, conflicts with girlfriend, and finally – all these can interrupt sex for weeks and months. But, as a well-known sexologist Shaurinsh says “if the sailor has returned home and he and he has successful sex with his wife, there is no doubt that there was no abstinence.” Break for more than three months – it is hard stress for the body, and –the same situation as in the gym – it is necessary to make an effort to restore the old rates.

If it is impossible to avoid abstinence, doctors recommend during a period of loneliness to take a porno magazine with high-quality illustrations, and take matters into your own hands at least once a week.

Stop the illness at the beginning

We do not speak about the most terrible diseases for men – chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer (although to visit urologist once a year and do a PSA test, prostate specific antigen – is the right approach to organ that is the dearest to us).

We will talk also about diseases, which are treated in venereal disease clinic (doctors do not like to talk about it, but the truth is : the potency of a patient with syphilis is practically not reduced).

No, we will talk about inflammation and sores, which from the first side have nothing to do with sex and do not have a direct influence to it. Try to make love when your head is aching from high blood pressure, or heartburn hurts, or aggravation of peptic ulcer lay down in the stomach like a brick – and you’ll understand what we are hinting at.

Regular week of sobriety, a series of intake of vitamins, ginseng tincture – for improving immunity. And do not let any sores become chronic

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