Taoist Practices And Man’s Health.

Between the representatives of western and oriental medicine for a long time there is a dispute about the necessity of abstinence from ejaculation. Some doctors believe that retention of semen may harm men’s health, while others, including followers of the Taoist practices insist on abstinence. Ejaculate or not, it is harmful or helpful?
We will tell you about one of the methods that ancient Chinese thought good for a man. You may agree with it or not. But it exists.

Even in ancient China there was well-known method of keeping sexual health for men, allowing, controlling ejaculation, have a unique iterative highest type of orgasm, as well as strengthen the body and spirit.
So what do not we know about sperm?
In addition to vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, ions, enzymes and other vital substances there is the repository of male sexual energy – that vital force that can not be registered by any modern instruments.

Male sexual energy is produced in the testes, Taoists regarded as the most powerful medications available to man. It is able to heal illness and restore the emotional status.

The energy of sperm power can be valued by doing a simple calculation. One ejaculation ejects from two hundred to five hundred million sperm.

The average man ejaculates on average 5000 times during his life. If you multiply the amount emitted in one ejaculation sperm ejaculation by 5000, it is possible to obtain a numeric value for the power of the average man’s semen.

Normal man during his life produces the sperm, which would be enough to give birth to one billion people.

One representative of the strong half of humanity is capable of becoming a father of so many children that we could settle more than two hundred such planets like ours! Every man is able to amass a powerful sexual energy charge of the atomic bomb!

If this huge potential energy is directed at achieving spiritual harmony, the possibility of peaceful co-existence and evolution of mankind would have been truly endless.

Most men underestimate the power of nature rooted in their semen, which leads to waste of this important product. Because every drop of semen contains a huge amount of life energy, part of its losses exhaust the reserves of nutrients in all body systems and accelerate its inevitable aging.

Why do billions of sperm cells carrying the hidden vitality, die in vain?

The nature may not be as unsustainable. Boundless energy sperm priori designed to accelerate spiritual growth of the universe.

. The first step in the direction of improving the health the Taoists believe saving the seed inside the body.
But the western doctors do not agree with this. And they give a lot of reasons for this.

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