The Fluid Social Natural

So what’s up my friend? This past month has been rather interesting for me. My laptop has been down and I have been dealing with a lot of mess in my life but that is just part of living. What am I supposed to do, cry about it every time a tiny upset appears?…now, I can do that but if I did, I wouldn’t admit it would I? :)

But anyway now I’m back and ready to kick ass! Today, I am going to talk about something that goes beyond being a pickup artist, player, pimp, and you name it…and that is the essence of being a “social natural.”

In a way, a social natural embodies all of these, just being a naturally cool, social person who can pickup and having varieties of women in his life and a circle of cool guy friends who idolize you. It can be represented by water; you flow in every different social scene agilely that can show up and navigate through it.

But let’s dissect this down a little bit. Being a social natural is a method in itself, being able to recognize the patterns of your interaction out in social gatherings, the things you say and do, and the feedback you take from them, and then calibrating you next reply for the desired outcome you want.

What I mean by this? Well, we all know being cocky and funny are some of the numerous magic ingredients to getting the girls into you. Let’s say you are talking to a gorgeous girl who was raised in the high octane life of LA, and takes that as a challenge and is intrigued about you, now your social feedback for your pattern of response in the future to a typical LA chick will be this similar cocky and funny behavior.

Now try that on a more conservative, small town girl type, and she gets turned off by your cocky and funny behavior, but you assume to yourself if that worked for the LA girl, it must for this girl as well, right? But she is a different type of girl, so your social feedback you take from this interaction tells you going have to calibrate either by being more funny or decreasing the cocky.

That concludes today. I’ll absolutely delve more into this in the down the road, but the lesson I want you to take from this is in any interaction is to recognize the usual patterns that will continue to show up in social dynamics. Talk to you later!

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