The Importance Of Sex In Our Life.

Sex and health are closely linked. Lack of sex affects not only on the physical but also on mental health. A man needs a woman, a woman needs a man. During sexual contact they have positive impact on the health of each other’s. For example, the penis has a massaging effect on the uterine wall, thus preventing the appearance of various tumors, improving blood flow. For men regular sex is the prevention of prostatitis.

The importance of sex for the whole organism is great. During sexual contact in blood ejected pleasure hormones that positively affect the work of the brain and cardiovascular system. Incidentally, one study said that if having sex at least every other day, we can reduce the likelihood of the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke in 2 times. Physical activity during sex has a positive effect on weight loss and muscle tone, as almost all parts of the body work. Sex Reduces risk of developing diabetes, strengthens the immune system.

In terms of psychological health, the situation is much worse. Dissatisfaction from sex, its lack or absence of undermining the state of mental equilibrium. Men and women did not have sex, tend to associate the development of neuroses, depression, irritability and other abnormalities with a variety of factors – problems at work, at home, but not with the lack of sex. Scientists have done a research of wives of men suffering from impotence and as a result found – mental health had only 20% of them. What part of these 20% had a lover on the side, it was impossible to know.

Sex helps to relieve stress, decrease depression, relax. During intercourse the brain as it switches on, tunes in another wave. This condition can be compared to reboot, which helps get rid of the negative and get positive emotions. Hormone enhances mental activity, make a person confident in their abilities, etc., and thrown a lot of hormones – such as oxytocin and prolactin and adrenaline and dopamine, and serotonin. This cocktail is very serious.

Sexual health
Interesting fact – sex is one of the best ways to strengthen the body and disease prevention. The more sex partners, the higher the sensitivity, the more pleasure they get from sexual contact. And then there is anal and oral sex, which can bring new sensations and variety.

Can sex be boring? Yes, but only if you do not enjoy it. This process involves two partners, and if both want to do good to each other, they accomplish this. Nobody can abolish the aphrodisiacs and sexual development of muscle, no one has canceled a romantic atmosphere. When a man or a woman no longer cares about themselves, becomes weaker, becomes unkempt, then naturally falls off their sexuality and sexual attractiveness. We are programmed by nature to strive for strong and healthy partner, and look is just the main indicator of physical condition.

The importance of sex on our life is great. On TV screens and on the pages of the internet we see a lot of vulgarity, which leads to emotional satiation, and then to a lost of the interest, thus undermining the sexual health. This is another scientific fact – there are a lot of sex on the screen and is less in the life. It is within our power to change the situation in the other direction.

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