Tips To Become Healthier And To Stop Working At Night

Becoming a workaholic, you lose friends and health. And if you’re hoping that boss will notice this, then you are sorely mistaken.
Leave a night job – better go for a walk
Are you at home every night dragging a laptop and a stack of documents? Friends no longer call you at night, because they know – you say: “I work”? Do you wake up at night with the keyboard imprinted on your cheek?
And certainly, after all this, when you get a salary, you think: “Well, next month, I will be definitely appreciated … In vain because such a lifestyle is quite unacceptable.
What is you risk?
For the beginning you should adopt a good biological truth: lions, raccoons, owls and other animals – they all work at night and sleep at a daytime. A man – no. The man works absolutely at the daytime, he is made so that he is starting working with the sunrise, and at night –it is only sleeping.
Therefore, the only tangible results that you can achieve, working at night, is:
Continued fatigue.
Estrangement from family and friends.
Permanent waste of time, energy and money.
Constant stress and illness.

Load of endless demands from the boss, which gets used that you work like a convict.
Rejection of all purposes other than mining, and even suppression of the spiritual, physical and social needs.
To diagnose
To learn that you are overstrained with work, you can if you have the following symptoms:
– you do not say “no”, but say: “I do not have time to pass the project on time, but I must take this new one.. I do not have time to finish it too, but I’ll think up”.
– you take part in conversations with the less-loaded counterparts, despite the fact that you have plenty of work.
If you have all these symptoms, it’s time for you to change the situation.
Here are some daily tasks which you could do in such a situation:

– Turn off your mobile phone or computer when you came home.
-Do not bring home a working laptop and, of course, do not turn on a home computer.
– Make a commitment to communicate with people outside of work. Devote time to your wife, spend the evening with the kids. If you do not have any kids then just meet friends.
– Leave yourself an extra hour for preparing for work. Eat slowly, take a shower, get dressed. You can even chat with someone.
– Reduce the time you spend in front of a screen (monitor or TV – anything).

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