Unusual Places To Fall In Love

Mark Fisher, 43, has a fantastic story of where he met his partner, Lucy, over two decades ago.

He was on vacation in Belize, which at the time, in 1987, was rather an unusual, as well as, challenging thing to do.

Over his three week trip he spent most of his time involving in some really adventurous activities such as caving and jungle exploring. Undeterred by the abundance of potentially dangerous inhabitants of the jungle, such as tarantulas, pumas, jaguars and over 60 poisonous snakes, he embark one day on an adventure he would never forget.

After a whole day’s walking to reach a distant cave that only a select few have ever been to, and with the aid of an experienced guide, one of just a handle taught to go to the place, he arrived at the exciting cave mouth.

An hour or so later, after scrambling, swimming and twisting through the cave, and about 400 meters inside, he became conscious of what sounded like a faint cry. As he and his guide moved forward they suddenly rounded a huge rock and discovered a girl who had sprained her ankle, and her worried guide.

This was Lucy, on a similar trip, who had stumbled and had an unfortunate fall. Fortunately she now had Mark and his guide to assist her.

“As I looked down on Lucy with the dim light of my minor’s head lamp I saw she had lovely long hair and even in the dim light I could see her eyes sparkling. It was love at first sight,” recalls Mark.

Lucy, even though she was in a lot of discomfort at the time, and obviously panicking somewhat about the situation, also claims that she was very taken with Mark straight off. “He took full control of the situation, remaining calm and strong. They helped me out of the cave and then as relief washed over me when we were actually outside, I really got a good look at him for the first time and I was smitten”.

20 years after they’re still together having wed two years after they met. They have recently revisited the very cave where they first met as a unique 20 year anniversary trip. Now a lot of guides and tourists go to the place, and where she sprained her ankle is now a wooden bridge.

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