Useful Rules To Improve Potency

The first rule of potency is to normalize the blood flow to the genital organs (lower abdomen).
If you smoke a lot (more than one pack a day) and is not going to give up you have few chances to improve your blood supply. You should either quit or reduce smoking to a minimum.
To improve blood flow is sufficiently an ordinary exercises (exercises for the abdominals, tilts of the torso), if possible daily walks in the fresh air, 4-6km. We will warn you that classes in gyms didn’t give positive effect.

Every day it’s recommended to do self-massage of the lumbar-sacral zone (you can do it while bathing with a massage brush).

The second rule-healthy diet, which includes the coming of all necessary ingredients and normalization of weight. What is the nutrition aimed at the improving of the potency? It’s a limiting of the refined foods (cookies, white bread, refined cereals, etc.). Why? Because these products worsen the work of the intestine, and a tendency to constipation is one of the reasons for the decline of the potency. That’s why you must include the gross products (white bread, daily salads, apples, coarse cereals, etc.) Add up all these products have a full range of vitamins and minerals.

You should include enough protein foods (meat, fish eggs). Why? For the formation of the sperm cells, which need lots of protein.
In recent years, in most cases is unjustified struggle to reduce cholesterol. Only few people said that cholesterol is one of the most important elements of the sexual hormones. That’s why to preserve potency in food should be enough fat (fatty fish, fatty meat), there is no cholesterol in vegetable fat, but all should be in moderation.

Do we need to take synthetic vitamins? Definitely – no. There is no study, which has proven their effectiveness. I’m not talking about bio additives, their effectiveness is not proven.

The third rule is prevention of the prostatitis. As a rule due to inactivity of the men over the age of 40 every man has it, but in a sluggish form.

For prevention you should discard all restraints and prejudices, and once a week to massage your prostate gland. How? Ask in sex shops, there are special massagers for prostate or banal anal vibrator.

Fourth-prophylactic intake of some drugs, which have proven their effectiveness. Here we are not talking about Viagra, a drug for a 60-70 old men.
The first is general health-improving medicines – ginseng, siberian ginseng and others.

One thing should be added! That is all medications (including valerian), significantly lower potency. And almost all drugs for lowering blood pressure reduce the potency.
In this article, we mean that the man is almost healthy and has no specific somatic diseases. Because at the different diseases, there are still some individual medical recommendations.

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