Useful Tips For Men About Good Look.

In this article we will tell you how to care about yourself and always look nice.
Nails should be clipped short enough, but not too much – so that the edge of the nail will be coincided with the edge of a finger. Too short nails not only look unkempt, but they can peel off from the finger. In addition, low-cut nails prevent you from performing all sorts of minor but important operations such as the outbreak of laces.
It is better not to cut very thick nails with scissors and tweezers.
It is better to cut nails after a shower when they are bosh. When cutting dry nails there is a higher risk of micro traumas.

After cutting nails you need to handle nail with file – not to leave burrs that are so unpleasant to cling to a thread on clothes. It is better to choose a nail file not metal scored but with the mineral deposition. If you have fungal infection disposable file must be used
Rough edges on the surface of the nail can be sanded with a special pad for polishing the nails.

Do not cut off excess skin at the base of the nail. The more you cut, the more it will grow over the nail. This thin transparent skin is better to cancel – it is easily exposed to injury and infection, forming painful burr. With the help of wooden or metal spatula, just shift it down to the farthest edge of the hole: there it gradually atrophy and wither.

Do not cut callosities on fingers or hands with scissors. In extreme cases, after the shower arm can be carefully treated by pumice.

Do not forget that after each hand washing you need to dry hands. Otherwise you risk getting not only red chapped hands, but a fungal infection.
Put a little hand cream with glycerin or another moisturizing and softening ingredient. Yes, and on the hands themselves do not forget – 2-3 times a week to rub in a skin cream or butter with vitamin E.

Ways to care about your lower part of the body

Penis and pubic area should be washed at least twice a day. To do this, it is desirable to use mild pH-neutral shower gel.

Although at least once a day, you should wash the head of the penis, pulling the foreskin. Otherwise bacteria responsible not only for various infections, but for very specific smell will be spread there.

Just imagine, your mom was right about the woolen pants in fall. Fine wool simultaneously absorbs sweat and breathes, winding body.
Do not touch this place with a razor! It will only get worse. You may cut the hair there. But the razor necessarily provoke further enhanced hair growth and can lead to infectious inflammation.

You should not use any cologne here.. First, a mixture of such different odors are seldom successful, secondly, the alcohol contained in colognes, can cause irritation. is better to use hygienic talc, which deodorizes and absorbs excess moisture if heavy sweating.

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